Italia • Genoa • 1527−1585

Biography and information

Luca Cambiaso (Luca Cambiaso) was born 18 Oct 1527 in Moneglia, a town in the vicinity of Genoa, in the family of the painter Giovanni Cambiaso, who became his first teacher. Talent Cambiaso formed very early: in 1544 seventeen-year-old artist performed a magnificent cycle of frescoes in the Palazzo Doria in Genoa, featuring amazing maturity and skill. Some time Cambiaso spent in Rome and Florence, where carefully studied the works of Michelangelo, which had a marked influence on his future work. On the formation of the artist's style was also influenced by the paintings of Correggio.

The early period of creativity Cambiaso was somewhat extravagant. with tremendous energy and an explosive temperament, he is. svidetelstvo contemporaries, worked sometimes at the same time with two hands. with age, the artist has learned to manage emotions, his painting became more balanced and static. Paintings Cambiaso carefully constructed, they clearly discerned the geometrical basis, which makes him a precursor of Cezanne. At the same time, his night motifs certainly had an impact on the work of Georges de La Tour.

In 1583 Cambiaso was invited to the court of the Spanish king Philip II, who had commissioned him the decoration of the Escorial. The artist died on 6 September 1585, unable to complete order: his receivers in this work were Federico Zuccaro and Pellegrino Tibaldi.

The artist's son, Orazio Cambiaso, was also a painter. He helped his father at work, and after his death continued to serve at the court of Philip II.