Vladimirovich Esaulenko

Russia • Novorossiysk • born in 1973
Ordering an artwork

Biography and information

Born 03.09.1973 the city of Novorossiysk
Graduated from the Kuban State University on a speciality the Biologist.
While training at the Kuban state University often had to carry out full-scale sketches of plants, insects, animals. Here I became interested in drawing. At this time came across information about a unique direction in art - through Welt wood. And now this direction can be found in Italian intarsia, as well as in the carved decoration of the temples of Thailand. Decided to use this technique to create paintings and icons from the entire cut of the tree. Such wooden pattern-stained glass.
Unfortunately, the photo cannot convey the whole essence of these works. This technique allows you to do a bilateral pattern. In addition, each picture is unique, because the wood is burnt through with fire a continuous slot. These paintings resemble fingerprints. The slightest inaccuracy in the creation, and the work is permanently damaged - it just falls apart on the tiniest detail. The length of the slot in one picture reaches tens of meters.
These pictures and icons and carved icon-cases were performed for some private collections.
Also became interested in the pencil technique in the genre of portraiture. In this area I read a few books and took a few video courses.
Interested in a variety of themes: the landscape and portraits of people and animals. Currently, I continue to learn and grow - because Art - is the eternal development.