Валерьевна Панкратова

Russia • Krasnodarskiy Kray • born in 1990 • artist
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My name is Maria Pankratova. Recently moved from Rostov region in the picturesque Krasnodar Krai. To draw the beginning from a very early age. To the question "what will you be when you grow up?"I was always thinking: "Will an artist". The lack of higher arts education, a small child, a private house and the farm does not prevent me to remain an artist and to this day. Pattern is written for a long time, but with great love and awe. I believe that each piece remains a part of the soul of the author, his energy, so invest in each work the maximum positive to the positive energy emanated out of the picture, raised the mood or Vice versa were forced to relax and think about eternity. Often the future work of dream in a dream, but lately, very inspiring music and conjures up stories for the pictures. First, they have long nurtured in me, to ponder all the details, and then born in paint on canvas.
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