Russia • Ryazan' • born in 1977 • artist
Fedorov Valery Vladimirovich
Born December 9, 1977 in Ryazan. In the hometown I grew up and was educated. Drawing like everything else in childhood, but is not fond of.
Seriously interested in painting in the late 90-ies. Was very impressed by a visit to the Ryazan regional art Museum im. I. P. Pozhalostina. It is the painting of famous Russian artists has prompted the desire to create. Gradually began to collect materials and do self-study.
In 2003 I went to preparatory courses at the Ryazan art College , but a year later, the school failed to do. Long worked as an excavator driver, and painting to do almost ceased, for the most part because of lack of time.
After the collapse of the construction company where I was employed, have more free time. Again pulled out brushes and paints, and increasingly began to turn to go to the open air. Working mainly in the genre of landscape painting and in oil painting.
Member of the Ryazan regional club artists fans in 2016.
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