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Russia • Moscow • artist, collector, art connoisseur
Mkhitaryan Tatiana was born in Moscow in a creative family: his grandfather — Boris Vitola — professional artist, a talented poet, a member of the Union, lecturer at Textile Institute; father — Grigory Mkhitaryan — photojournalist, photographer, participant of many exhibitions. Tatiana graduated from the University with honors.

Tatiana from childhood imbibed a love for various arts, he studied with his grandfather and in art studios, courses Khokhloma.

In parallel with the official work in marketing for many years she was engaged in Khokhloma, decoration, stained glass painting, and other crafts. Her paintings are sold in galleries and to private customers in Russia and abroad. The author was inspired by the work of the Impressionists, artists of the group "Jack of diamonds", Mikhail Shemyakin, and others.

In 2011, Tatiana learned of the existence of the website where creative people can display their work, and opened your page. Perusing the work of other artists, she was struck by the fantastic beads-glass aquariums, find out what this technique is called lampwork (handmade), and the beginning of a gradual promotion to his dream — to learn this art: he began to attend master classes by leading masters of lampwork Russia and Italy, alternating teaching independent work with the burner.

Lampwork, unfortunately, still not widely known in Russia. Little information:

lampwork, flame work, bead making, lampwork, lampwork — in English language — work with lamp work in the flame, create beads. It is the art of melting beads of glass in an open flame came from the ancient times. In our time getting the beads by making the hot glass into various shapes in the flame of propane-oxygen burner. After they are hardened for reliability in a muffle furnace. These ornaments are made of glass, made in the technique of lampwork, also known as Murano, Italian, Venetian glass.

In addition to creating separate interior beads Tatiana as true the woman wanted to create and ornaments made of Murano glass, the design of which she was engaged.

In 2013, Tatiana decided to take part in the 1st international exhibition "Flame Creations", immediately swung at a solid level. To participate in this exhibition, which was set up to contest collections, she created her first collection "Sea in my heart", which boasts a now.

Later, it was much beloved of creative work, participation in various exhibitions: "Paradise Apples", "craft Formula", "Gifts" in Gostiny Dvor, "Flame Creations" spring and fall 2014, "GLASS N FIRE ART EXPO" 2015, 2016. At these exhibitions she first tried himself as a teacher, conducting classes "My first bead".

Tatiana also liked to participate in competitions, training which stimulates the imagination.

"GLASS N FIRE ART EXPO" 2015 her wedding typefaces received the audience award.

Over the years, many judges have become owners of copyright jewelry and interior beads Tatiana Mkhitaryan.

In the spring of 2015, Tatiana met with the organizers of the Jewelry Studio "Rostok", which, after some time, asked her to teach them the technique of lampwork. She was very pleased to have this opportunity because I've already thought of the idea to share my knowledge about this wonderful art form with others.

And here for Tatiana began a period of writing of the program, purchasing necessary tools and equipment for open direction "Lampwork" in "Germ." And later it began to conduct workshops for those wishing to explore the vibrant and exciting world of fire and glass and were once again convinced that sharing knowledge is no less interesting than the work itself. The artist takes great pleasure when people find out about new type of work and admire the process of working with hot glass!

In 2016, Tatiana took part in two television shows with plots about lampwork and jewelry design: "a New morning" on NTV was filming in the Studio Rostok, and for a half-hour of the plot in "Pretty woman" on TDK Tatiana went with their works in the Studio of this channel.

In recent years Tatiana holds master classes in lampwork and jewelry design independently and plans to expand the program.

A significant milestone on the creative way Tatiana was the introduction in 2016, the Creative Union of professional artists.
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