born in 1961 • artist
Kolobova Elena Viktorovna was born in the city of Podporozhye, Leningrad Region, studied at the Pushkin Leningrad Pedagogical Institute, but did not graduate, studied at the art studio as the head of the Nestrelay VI, graduated from LIVT (Leningrad Institute of Water Transport, engineer-economist specializing), takes part in group exhibitions in the Manege of St. Petersburg and the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg, took part in more than 50 exhibitions (including seven personal exhibitions), works are in private collections in Russia, England and, Germany, Finland, USA,
at the Museum of Naive Art (Yekaterinburg), at the Museum of Modern Art (Thessaloniki Greece), at the Museum of Russian Modern Art (New Jersey), at the Museum of Local Lore in Podporozhye, at the Murmansk Regional Art Museum, at the Yekaterinburg Museum Center for Folk Art "Gamayun", in the state Penza Museum of Folk Art, S. Zandler Gallery (Cologne) Germany, Art Brut Academy Vienna Austria, in the Museum of History and Art Complex of Balakhny, Art Brut Museum in Lausanne Switzerland, in the collection of K. Bogemskaya and A. Turchin, Ant Howl G.V., Yost E.B.
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