Mikhailovich Buravlev

Russia • Yekaterinburg • born in 1989 • artist
Ural artist. Graduated at the Department of Art History, in 2012 defending a diploma of art critic. Member of collective and personal exhibitions, author of articles about other contemporaries-surrealists. In art, he devoted himself completely to surrealism, daily developing his own recognizable stylistic devices in mixed media. The first thing that attracts attention in all the paintings of Fedor Buravlyov is the integrity of the concept and humor. The artist clearly belongs to the direction of those surrealists whose figurative expression is meaningful. He comes up with his own plots, original characters and depicts in each sheet a specific situation, a scene, entertaining the viewer. The world of his work is benevolent and fascinating, although it is not without symbolic subtexts and drama of social satire. The narrative of the plan unfolds by the expressive movement of the characters or the landscape itself, which, however, does not deprive the paintings of the charm of long spectator contemplation, a detailed peering into the nonrandom details of thoughtful compositions.
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