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Francois Morrel (François Morellet, on April 30, 1926, Cholet, France – may 10, 2016, Cholet, France) French painter and sculptor, who worked in the style of op art and famous thanks to its light works using neon tubes. Morella for nearly 30 years he worked in his father's business and pursued his studies of painting on their own and taking private lessons. His early paintings were figurative: he painted landscapes, portraits and still lifes thick impasto strokes. But by 1950, Morella refused to subject of painting and became an abstractionist. In the same year he held his first solo exhibition. In the ' 60s, the artist joined the French Group for the study of the visual arts, whose members were engaged in kinetic art and use scientific and experimental methods. In 1963, Morella began to use a neon tube, which became his "calling card". In addition, he created several unique sculptures placed in open spaces.
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