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The last supper

Painting, 2018, 70×100 cm

Description of the artwork «The last supper»

100/70 acrylic on canvas "the last supper" (2018.)

The painting "the last supper" was written while working on the book, "the last supper", which deals with philosophical, esoteric and astrological interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci's "last Supper".
In the book "the last supper" is an astrological interpretation of the interaction of figures of the Apostles and of Jesus, the result of which is an astrological chart of the age of Pisces.
Quotes from the book "the last Supper"

Imagine that the interaction of apostles represented at the table of the last Supper, there is interaction between a twelve lovesmileymiley fragments of the history of the age of Pisces. Twelve fragments of history of the age of Pisces, inconsistent and contradictory, just as inconsistent, and contradictory actions of the apostles, depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci at the table of the last Supper.
History requires analysis and synthesis, appreciation of its meaning just as the actions of the apostles depicted in the fresco, require explanations of what is happening. Jesus tells the apostles what is happening in the Age of Pisces, a visible look of timelessness and what will happen in the Age of Pisces, visible in the view, in time.
The last supper symbolises the preparation of the experience of the 11 epochs of the evolutionary cycle to the synthesis that will take place in the last, 12-th epoch of a cycle.
In a chart of the age of Pisces must be expressed symbolically accommodation all 12 phases of the age of Pisces. Like the Solarium showing the trends of the year and lunar showing the trends of the month, Abohar – shows trends of the Era. I think Leonardo da Vinci has depicted, Abohar, the history of the age of Pisces, symbolically expressed in the astrological language in the map Pohara, and the language of painting in fresco.
In the last supper we see 12 points of view, opinions on the basic idea of the teachings of Jesus. 12 th ways of perceiving and understanding his teachings. 12 signs of the zodiac represent the 12 archetypes of the expression of this idea, which may be called the 12 Gospels, the apostles of the relevant - aspects of the nature of Jesus himself.
In symbolic language Jesus told the disciples the story of the age of Pisces. Discussing the stories depicted in the painting. But her discussion of her performance. The myth Jesus told has become a mystery, played out at the table of the last supper. We see the entire history of the age of Pisces from the points that are in timelessness. Each Apostle is one of the 180 year old part of the era expresses its features. Indeed, in the beginning of the era of all the parts United in the idea that will be implemented in a loop.
Thus We can say that the fresco "the last Supper" depicts the period of time corresponding to the Age of Fishes, And is the symbolic image of the beginning of the age of Pisces. But also, Each of the Disciples, corresponding to the 180 year period of the age of Pisces corresponds to a 12 2160 years Precessional epochs of the year lasting 25,920 years.
Evening is the end of the day, which is a Precessional year duration of 25,920 years. That is, before our attention is constantly an astrological chart, which is implemented in the Age of Pisces. ITS implementation is expressed symbolically by eating bread and drinking wine. Like an astrological chart of every person is realized in the course of his life, just as the astrological map of mankind of the age of Pisces is implemented throughout the history of the age of Pisces. The event goes through, but their secret meaning vmeshaetsya man. This is a great insight, discovery, science, art, literature, painting, etc.
"The last Supper", Paskevich, A. M. (book to prepare for publishing)
A fragment from the book "Star of the well"
The betrayal of Judas – is the replacement of Christ, the confidence that he knows better than the Teacher how to live and to teach. This discrepancy is natural, since every student is one of twelve different centers of the Universe that is not its only true centre – Christ. And as soon as the disciples reach the strength of the position in the centre of his personality, they start arguing with the Teacher, His overthrow and the crucifixion. They obediently follow the Teacher like sheep, but as shepherds, they want to graze.
How mouth they have a dispute with each other and with the Teacher. Portrayed by Leonard Da Vinci mural "the last Supper" this argument is the crucifixion of Christ, of His Doctrine of synthesis, his body – bread, voluntarily transmitted to each of the students. None of the students are not ready to take all the bread – just the Teachers, all the Teachings: everyone just wants his piece of share, symbolizing the fate of individual self-assertion. The table on the canvas, Leonardo Da Vinci there is no agreement, unity and love. There is selfishness that is expressed in the emotions, gestures, looks, facial expressions, in which there is a self, but not the love of the Teacher and to each other. Christ's commandments: "Love the Lord and your neighbor" at the table of the last supper there. This is where you start falling asleep of the disciples, called "Dream in the garden of Gethsemane" – a place where Jesus is the Teacher in prayer, addressing our Father in Heaven, tries to awaken disciples, to return them to the realization of truth. It is an attempt, which continues the dispute of the students with the Teacher. If the last supper is a dispute of the disciples with each other, in the garden of Gethsemane this argument with the Teacher of students, do not come to a consensus at the table of the last Supper. Is defending your individual misconceptions each of them before the truth of the Teacher. This argument is the denial of truth, but that does not dispute Amateurs, and scholars who have succeeded in spiritual science. It's the refusal of each of them from a leadership mentor, denunciation and the prosecution of a Teacher in shortsightedness, injustice, cruelty, and impracticality. This moment marks the conception of the Devil, who, at the same time is part of God's plan. Each student does not pass the temptation in the wilderness, passed a Teacher. A teacher lives a disappointment, sees that he has failed to prepare them for this difficult exam and him crucified, it seems that he does not pass this test together with their students. He's living condition, living students, trying to understand the reasons, motives, and desires of each of them, trying to imagine yourself in the place of each, to reason with him. But this process is His voluntary crucifixion, dismemberment itself is one center of the world, 12 piece – 12 centres in the world. Once in place every one of them, raschlenitel into 12 parts, he continues to be divided into parts in every thirty, which, in turn, gives the division into 360 parts, 360 expressed TEW days of each year, etc. He is on the site of each representative of humanity, in the center of the world every man sees himself, battered each of them, Obrucheva, olevimagi each as described in the gospel.
And this vision is the justification of every person. Raschlenitel in each of them, It all combines, resulting in raises, justifying each person as part of yourself. Every man remembers himself, remembers himself in It, and He remembers himself in each of us.
The star from the well. Paskevich A. M.

Primitivism in forms and colors – a creative reception of the author to focus the viewer's attention on features of interaction with each other thirteen figures of the last supper. The author tried to convey the mystical experience of the last supper by the method of generalization, guiding the viewer's attention on the most important. The spirit of the painting gives the individual a sense and understanding by the author of the sacraments, depicts Leonardo Da Vinci. The picture can be called imaginative meditation and contemplation the author of the frescoes of the Great masters and mystery of Leonardo Da Vinci. The impression of incompleteness of the work arising from the viewer because of the lack of detail, may be filled by the imagination of the viewer.
Studying a painting or a book, I always study the horoscope of the author. And siastically the map (the overlay one map on another) study the peculiarities of interaction of two horoscopes for better understanding of topics, and philosophical principles in which creative collaboration and mutual understanding.
The synastry card.
The ranks of two cards, Paskevich A. M 05.04.1967 20.06 Odessa and Leonardo Da Vinci 15.04.1452. 00.00

The Sun (3 g. Calf) to Leonardo Da Vinci with Rahu (7гр. Taurus) my horoscope indicates that the vital Ideas of Leonardo Da Vinci indicates the direction for my evolutionary development.
The position of Venus (24гр.Calf), Leonardo Da Vinci and Venus (19гр. Taurus) my horoscope indicates harmonious mutual understanding and close-minded perception of beauty and shapes.
The connection of mercury (9 gr. Aries), Leonardo da Vinci and Lilith (13гр. Of RAM) my horoscope indicates the organizing influence of the personality of L. V. on the formation of my personality that is vividly expressed in the structure of the book is "the last Supper",
The connection of Jupiter (1 gr. Fish), Leonardo da Vinci and the moon (29гр. Of Aquarius) my horoscope, points to the influence of the personality of L. D. in the process of unification and synthesis (Jupiter) of my experience (the Moon).
Compound of Uranium (22гр. Cancer), Leonardo da Vinci and Jupiter (24 gr. Cancer) my horoscope indicates fresco L. D. as a symbol through which I received the revelation in the synthesis process to those I studied.
The connection of Neptune (0 gr. Weights), Leonardo da Vinci and the Boundaries of my 12 houses of the horoscope indicators of karmic connections.
The connection of Lilith (27 gr. Of Capricorn), Leonardo da Vinci and the borders of the 4th house of my horoscope indicators karmic connection
Trigon connection Proserpine with Rahu Leonardo da Vinci and Rahu on my horoscope indicators of karmic connections.

Best and more in-depth description of the painting is the book "the last supper".
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About the artwork

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Art form: Painting

Date of creation: 2018

Size: 70×100 cm