Incorrect "chess" or "Illusion game"

Andrey Mikhailovich Paskevich • Painting, 65×80 cm
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Art form: Painting
Size: 65×80 cm
Artwork in collection: Collection Paskevich Andrey Paskevich

Description of the artwork «Incorrect "chess" or "Illusion game"»

80/65 acrylic on Canvas "Wrong chess" or "Illusion game".

The description of the picture

I realize that my life is a dream in which I Wake up. But whether awareness of the sleep state, awakening in another dream which is waking reality to the dream first? Sometimes I completely leave my life's story, sometimes immersed in it, participate in it fall asleep, but my sleep is sensitive, I sleep one eye. I'm doing something in the individual history, which does something in the history of the collective, and in the process of doing, are linked to the fact that do, worry, feel concerned, and at the same time not attached to this – realizing that I'm not worried. And the result of my actions I on the one hand interested in the other - not interested. Two thousand years of human history - a dream that can Wake up some, unfortunately, a small portion of people. These people are the target audience for which my books. Out of history is to realize its meaning. To rise above the story means to decipher the meaning of a dream, which is the story. History - tiered illusion, but its highest levels of the mystery is closer to the truth than the lower, event. Be aware of the meaning of myths and fairy tales and your attitude to the history of mankind to change, and especially to your personal story.
The last supper Paskevich.M.
Astrology painting.
The painting was done in the day, the exact connection of three and two planets in one zodiacal sign. It was written in one day in two approaches. This means it expressed the energy of these compounds. The picture is painted 4.03.2018. 23.30
On this day in the zodiacal sign of Pisces there were five planets. Two planets the Sun and Neptune were in the compound at 13 gr. Fish. And three Planets Chiron, Venus and mercury in 27 gr. Fish.

Fig. Horoscope picture of the Wrong chess 4.03.2018. 23.30
Fig. The synastry card picture Incorrect chess with map of the Author 05.04.1967. 20.06
The connection of planets is energetically the most powerful aspect. The connection of three or more planets in astrology called a stellium. The conjunction of the three planets is called a stellium small, the connection of four or more planets - large. The stellium is not just the beginning of a new astrological cycle, or the completion of the old is the point of going beyond the cycle into timelessness, into the depths of the subtle world.
In the images of the paintings must be expressed on one side of the planets involved in the connection, on the other hand the degree of the zodiacal sign in which the compounds occurred.
Put the picture on Facebook I asked friends to name them. The description of the picture would not be complete without the opinions of my friends, so here are the options of the proposed names.
Lily Vikulova
"Game people", "Living situation"
Alexander Bogdanov
"The funeral over common sense".
No Neptune has not done. March 5, 2018
Viktor Sadovnikov
The reduction...
George Telezhko
Do not cave in under the changing world...
Olena Ranitovic
Change Is Coming!
Yuliana Bondar
Tired of going
Olena Ranitovic
At how the shadows fall from Chess on the canvas, and, for example, the Stellium in Pisces, I have formed a picture that is NOT over YET... might call...the Fish spirit, the unknown, intuition...and no one knows what will happen tonight...
Marina Alamanac
Elena Lemesheva
"The moment of creation of the World..."
Elena Lemesheva
Chess is a mystery of UNIVERSE building.... and the picture - like... that's it in the last line, when all is clear and to the rank - everything will fall into place... maybe... occhialini a long time.... Therefore (in my opinion) this game is never solved definitively - there are always options....) Well, that's just my answer to Your, Andrew, a question) good Luck to You!)
Les Morozova
Through the looking glass.
Natalia Dejevsky
Knight's move
Mikhail Loktev
George Telezhko
"Sleep chess king"
Oksana Vorontsova
Exit the comfort zone
Kalinkova Valentine
The playing field is empty. Figure out the game
Alex Dovzhenko
Mataji in Wonderland
Sergey Tropin
Endgame Botvinnik for a second before Chinese draws.
Tina Guk
The air
Vitaly Martynenko
before the incarnation
Oksana Vorontsova
Yuri Ivanov
And black and white pieces from ONE box, to get them to play, war, competition, challenges.... BUT, then again they add up in one box, two Competing (in any manifestation), the chess, in the end it does not apply to, played with... and in the box. I propose to call "the illusion of the game" because there is no game... Who plays whom, what, play... all in the box)))) the Illusion)))) P. S/ the case is not the end, coffin, etc., box - box, start the game and the end of the game, the place where there is no game
Marina Alamanac
,,Out of the game"
Yuliana Bondar
On the verge
Not a game.
To play
Viktoria Ozerova

Maybe, BEYOND. They are not on the Board moving
Andrei Paskevich Yes outside of the game, but the game is interesting) to Play, but to be on the outside of the game and its rules, maybe the only way to win, or win - it ist to go beyond the face of the game?)

For a deeper examination of the image suggest quotes from the book of Radar Dane an Astrological Mandala, which is described zabenskie characters of degree 14 and 28 degrees of the zodiacal sign of Pisces which was the connection of the planets on the day of writing, painting.

Phase 344 (14° Pisces). Lady, wrapped in a Fox fur Cape.
Key: the use of intelligence and mental subtlety for protection against storms and trials.
On the fourth place of the symbol PP (Patricey sequence), usually associated with some kind of appliance, and especially after the previous one, this character seems out of place. The key to his interpretation missed by commentators, is that fur - Fox. In symbols, mythology and fairy tales the Fox is always a smart and cunning animal. It symbolizes intelligence at an early stage "tricks", "cunning"; in a broader sense it can refer to "reasonableness" in the sense of the ability to adapt to any situation. In many situations, spiritual will, symbolized by the sword or by the sword of the previous stage, needs the support and sometimes the substitution of this reason. It is personal, i.e. "animal" or instinctual protection may be camouflage; it hides the will in the centre and safeguard of the individual from unnecessary obstacles and difficulties.
Thus, in the fourth stage of the 69th PP (Patricey sequence) we see the protect yourself from the "weather" in the literal and figurative sense; this is necessary because the dedication the Whole it can cause intense hostility and different kind of storm. Unnecessary risk of unauthorized Dedicated, not to introduce the Brotherhood in unnecessary danger; Fox charm and cunning can be a good protective cover.

Phase 358 (28° Pisces). Fruit garden, illuminated by the full moon, discovers an abundance of ripened fruit.
Key: full the basic needs of the individual.
This symbol may seem like repetition, but if we compare it with the first character of this PP (Patricey sequence) (356 phase), its value becomes clear. It emphasizes not the full moon itself or its light, and its ability to create an instinctive desire for growth, in that different entities respond differently. The symbol tells about the garden and not on the field. The garden (and garden) can accommodate a wide variety of Trees, herbs and vegetables specially grown to satisfy human needs and tastes. In this sense, the third symbol of the 72nd PP (Patricey sequence) combines the first two. It is a symbol of abundance, the corresponding individualized requirements and desires.