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"Between me and me..." "I'm painting and I'm a spectator who looks at me"

Painting, 65×80 cm

Description of the artwork «"Between me and me..." "I'm painting and I'm a spectator who looks at me"»

The painting "Between me and me..."
"I'm painting and I'm a spectator who looks at me"

80/65 canvas. Acrylic
The picture is painted 9.01.2018 G.
This day was a mix of the three planets Pluto, Sun and Venus in the 19th C. the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, and not the exact connection of Jupiter (18гр.) and Mars (19 gr.) in the zodiacal sign Scorpio.


Fig. Horoscope picture "Between me and me" 9.01.2018 g
Fig. The synastry card is the painting "Between me and me" with a map of the Author.5.04.1967

Astrology painting

"Beauty will save the world" Dostoevsky
I think the world would mind if his salvation will help the beauty of mathematics, astronomy, logic, mythology, hermeneutics and other science that combines astrology. I unfold the idea of a collaboration of painting and astrology. Call this science, uniting two cultures, two egregor – astrology painting. You can call it painting and astrology. This art, a special skill of the astrologer, the palette of which is the horoscope, and paints - planet. Cooperation of astrology and painting is not my invention, it is expressed in nature. For anybody not a secret that nature communicates with us in a language of images, of forms of paints used by the painting. But the language of numbers, formulas, and theorems used in mathematics. This interaction of intuition and logic is represented by the hemispheres of our brain.
Now I started talking about the duality of man. Two hemispheres, two arms, two legs, two eyes. But when we look at the world and when we see the world, we don't think we see it with both eyes. I don't think what part of the world I see out of my left eye and some the right. I can just see him. The contradiction of this duality is in a constant process of resolution. And the result of the resolution is this ideological position of the person in which contradiction does not exist. It does not stop, and the creative life, movement and flow. To enter in this thread I suggest in the subject of astrology paintings.
Perhaps this influences the approaching era of Aquarius. Each picture has the exact time of its conclusion, its point, or exclamation mark. Or dot, and maybe a question mark. It all depends on the creative impulse, to break through the subconscious of the artist to light. The time of completion of the painting and is this the latest smear or touch. At this time, and is based horoscope picture. The picture has two horoscope: the Natal chart picture as the brainchild of an artist and a transit map of the artist at the time of completion of the painting.
The relationship of the painting with the artist expressed in siastically the map – the transit map of the artist at the time of the birth of the picture. These relationships may develop in different ways. The artist can sell paintings and sometimes to see her, can give her and not see more never can leave it in their pantry and meet her during the show, and maybe hang it in his room and see it every day. On transit map, we have a lot to say about the artist on his inner world, as expressed in the painting. We can explain our feelings born in the us during the contemplation of paintings, the feelings caused by the picture. Connoisseur of painting trained astrological literacy will be interesting to see the synastry your horoscope with a map of the artist's paintings.
Of course We can feel something similar to what I experienced and felt by the artist. And then we say I heard it. But we can not only to hear but to understand. When we listen to Mozart we hear something similar to that heard Mozart. But this does not mean that we hear as well as he, and not mean what we hear, too, that he heard it. And it does not mean that we understand that he lived and in what spheres of the subtle world penetrate his attention. His music evokes our soul synchronous sound makes the sound of our soul, we can say plays the strings of our soul. And what we hear depends on the qualities of our instrument... and it's the same with painting. A painting can invoke in us the picture. We don't see it so it sees the artist. Each person sees his or her picture, everyone sees it your yourself. Other people perceive you differently. There are so many different you how people perceive you. All people are different.
All we're trying to say about the painting, contemplating it is symbolically expressed in her horoscope. Here we are talking not about astrology paintings, and about painting astrology. About the art of imagination, the depth of intuition, spiritual vision of the astrologer contemplates the painting, and its horoscope. He can study the Natal pattern, the synastry to your map with the map paintings, artist, your transit card at the time of contemplation of the picture. In addition to the feelings of each of these cards and a sense of synthesis – simultaneous vision, he can understand and contemplate. In the contemplation of both hemispheres included, there is no contradiction of shapes, colors, numbers, formulas, it is all in harmony in a single sound.
The third coordinate of the perception of paintings will be the music that the musician is contemplating the picture will be able to play the sounds. And then there will be horoscope of music. Can be considered his synastry with a map picture, a map of the artist. The number of dimensions grows. This section we call astrology picturesque music astrology music or painting or painting or music astrology music astrology picturesque. So I see the astrology of creativity of the epoch of Aquarius. So I see the Age of Aquarius in the soul of every person, regardless of historical time. After all, in the depths of our being there is no time – time only in our minds.
Return to the horoscope of the picture. Each of my paintings I try to write the date and time, in order to build her horoscope. Communication of the artist with his painting the theme is very interesting. Sometimes I want to get a movie, and I get her and see her differently than before. For me it is the practice of meeting with oneself, the state in which I resided when he wrote the picture with that aspect of my being, which expressed itself in the picture. That's why I'm curious to see all your pictures at once. That's why it's hard for me to sell it or give it away. I gather your image and the feeling of his inner being, the spark which ignites the flame of creativity.

For a deeper examination of the paintings offer quotes from the book for Dane Radar "Astrological Mandala", which is described zabenskie the symbols for the degree, which was the connections of the planets on the day of writing, painting.

Phase 229 (19° Scorpio). A parrot repeats the conversation he overheard.
Key: the ability to transmit transcendental knowledge.
People living in a constant state of fervent faith, can become a channel of transmission of knowledge or wisdom that exceeds his own normal mental understanding. The mind learned to be silent and attentive can tune in to the rhythm of the Words, incomprehensible to him intellectually, but truly expressing superhuman attainment. Here we need discernment, balancing the hot thirst of faith.
In the fourth stage PP (Patricey sequence), we get a hint of the person's ability to tune in to sources of higher wisdom if he can be sufficiently attentive and accurate in the transmission of "higher Voices". To stress here the negative element of automatism and non-negotiable to mind the repetition - it means to appeal only to the intellect. All birds 6 symbolism correspond to the spiritual faculties or powers. Here we are talking about the ability to learn from higher Intelligence. Keyword - conducting (provodnista).

Phase 290 (20° Capricorn). A hidden choir sings during a religious service.
Key: the implementation of the creative functions of the individual through participation in group action, dedicated to the transcendental unity.
In large churches and similar religious buildings, the choir is usually hidden behind the altar or above the nave. So it better conveys the harmony of "heaven" or the music of the spheres. The ideal of social participation is expressed here in the highest manifestation, for the choir is a multi-faceted and polyphonic unity in the totally transcendent state of perfect harmony. In this harmony of the individual, overcome egocentric-gelendost and develop higher consciousness finds fulfillment in verglichen unity.
The fifth stage of the 58th PP (Patricey order) draws a picture of the purest harmony group, the main and most difficult accomplishment sociality. On the individual level, the "hidden choir" can refer to polyphonic integration of all abilities in their most spiritual manifestation":
the ideal of fullness of life.
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Art form: Painting

Size: 65×80 cm