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Precious pearl

Painting, 5.5×6.5 cm

Description of the artwork «Precious pearl»

Precious pearl

15.02.2018 11.00

Natal chart pattern Precious жемчужина15.02.2018 11.00

The synastry card picture Precious pearl and Author 5.04.1967 G.

The picture is written based on my book, "Dragotsennaya pearl"
The book "the pearl of great price on the new philosophical and esoteric interpretation of symbols and parables of the gospel.
Pearl - a symbol of the True self of the person, realization of which can only be achieved through understanding the meaning of their individual stories that in the parable of the pearl is symbolically expressed by the merchant selling the property to purchase one pearl of great price. Why did mankind the burden of history, in which it is not able to understand. Why extend the store experience of history and accumulate infinite experiences of war - a repetition of the same mistakes?

One precious pearl

The pearl

More like the Kingdom of heaven to a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls, who having found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.
MF. 13:45-46

Pearl - a symbol of the True self of the person, in the name of acquisition, which man is ready to sacrifice his relative I, my personality, that is all that he has. Nothing but his personality is the relative I, the person in fact has not, and therefore nothing more can not pay for his I Absolute. The pearl symbolizes the center of the universe, which is man. To find a center for his personality in the depths of the unconscious person is so difficult, how difficult is it to find the one precious pearl at the bottom of the sea.
Process, symbolically called the sale, is not instantaneous, it is long and laborious. A person not just to sacrifice that which makes him as strong, self-sufficient person for the earthly temporal life.
To move the assemblage point, the center of gravity of the personality to the point of their true individuality of man is so difficult, how difficult is it to merchant to sell all his possessions to purchase the one pearl of great price.
In order to buy the pearl, you need to have the property corresponding to its value. In order to start the purchase process, the property should be accumulated. Man cannot renounce his personality, if it is not formed. The rejection of the individual in the name of the True self is a rejection of the sea, in the name of the pearls from the tree in the name of the grain, from all the kingdoms of the world in the name of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Buying is the transformation of money – the result of the synthesis work, to buy items.
In the story of the purchase is the law of conformity or value. An equivalent effort – money corresponds to a particular product. Can be long work, but did not earn, and can be a little work but earn a lot. The work is the result, not the effort. And for the result need qualification. Again the law of correspondence. Bad job to swing a hammer by the nail, like the history of mankind. Hit the hammer on the nail in history's very rare proof world war, the world has experienced. Money equivalent to the work which the hammer hits the nail. Joiner pay money for a product - a product, not for the motion path tool. Historians studying the trajectory of the hammer, it strikes the ground, the dust flying from these attacks, but in this science makes no sense. The sense of history – in locating the nail. The meaning of failed attempts – hoping for a successful attempt. For this hit, and lived the whole story, only that getting is the result of evolution. A product of history – a spiritually realized person.
To buy pearls requires the equivalent of the work done by the person in the disclosure of the potentiality of his spirit. All the rest individual the history of man cannot be counted.
To buy pearls you need the property, symbolizing the fullness of the experience of individual human history, in which he became himself. The true story takes a little time and a small place in the historic chaos is my life lived by people. The true history of man is the lived mystery, which implements the individual myth of a person, which expresses the divine Idea of the human spirit.
Claiming themselves today, people deny themselves yesterday. The reality is, live human, moves through his mind like a stationary ray of a sunbeam. Or human consciousness moves like the ray of a sunbeam on the plane of reality, constantly lighting up a new section of this reality with which one identifies. But as consciousness moves along this plane, people are constantly denying his former self and claims. His identity I is called relative, because it is approved temporarily, and hence is doomed to denial. It will give way to new identity which the person will again try to fix in the hereafter, spending limited life energy and time in vain.
Buying pearls symbolizes the cessation of the approval process of experience and, consequently, identity. Buying pearls symbolizes the synthesis process complete the experience - a process of constant negation of man's experience, and therefore his personality.
The task of every person to live the Gospel the mystery of the event experience their own individual stories. Understanding of the meaning of the Gospel parables and symbols is the criterion of this task. If the mystery is not past, the meaning of the myth can not be understood.
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Art form: Painting

Size: 5.5×6.5 cm

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