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Nikolaevich Doroshenko
born in 1969 •
artist, collector
Curriculum Vitae Bogdan Doroshenko.

Was born in 1969 . From childhood he loved to draw, something to sketch, to paint. Early in the school painted everything that was interesting:
Robots, dinosaurs, spaceships, space, sky. Was always attracted by something unusual and forbidden at the time.
A lot of drawings painted with watercolours, pen, pencil...and pens! Lessons of drawing no one given, not yet enrolled in College of Light Industry, class picture and the school has received from the famous sculptor Ivanenko, Vladimir Mikhailovich. For three years he strengthened his views on drawing and painting! At school, at College and in the army
Designed and produced newspaper! – (the big experience). In the army first painted two walls in different sizes, oil paints , drawings that remained for many years.
In 90-e years have you been practicing on portraits and tried to write not only the graphics, but painting – oil, and also wrote two icons. In the 90-ies
I tried to work with wood, with plywood and write stories on the boards! Thus was born the idea of combining the carving with paint, and to create a new kind of art : painting in the carving in a carved gilded frame. At one time worked in the jewelry workshop where you work with a metal inspired me to work with wood, a natural material.
Wrote a lot of paintings art gouache is a native! So he combined the carving and wooden products with graphics – gouache. Since the mid 2000-ies began to actively write oil to combine with other colors, as the color and flavor. Have mastered the work with such materials as oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pencil, paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, different of plywood.
Periodically gave lessons in drawing different generations of people? Children and young people, and Mature people.
He worked for several years inlay electric guitars. Became a partner of firm "Avaks" for the manufacture and repair of guitars.
Until recently, took lessons from the strongest sculptor of Ukraine Zarechny Ivan Semenovich, where he received skills of work with plaster and clay.
Recently had it restored. 5-6 years have restored dozens of canvases, works on cardboard and wood, restored and gave life to wood products. Restoration – became the basis to improve the skills and professionalism as an artist.
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    Пишу , рисую, люблю своё дело и хочу открыть новое. Придумал новый вид искусства, очень сложный , но красивый, живопись в резьбе! Учился у Засл. скульптора СССР Иваненко Владимира Михайловича. Стал реставратором картин и изделий из дерева. Реставрирую рамы деревянные, старинные. Пишу реализм и гиперреализм. Владею графикой - гиперреализм. Пишу портреты и карандашом, так и маслом.
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