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Ivan Andreevich Kacherin
 Andreevich Kacherin
Saint Petersburg, Russia, Sankt-Peterburg born in 1991 artist, art connoisseur
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Biography and information
Born in St. Petersburg (still Leningrad at the time) in 1991. The father of a large family of the Tambov region, der. Svadebka, mother of the Murmansk region, village Recoleta who came to study and work in the city.
Growing up with a sister a little younger (1993), studied at usual school № 286, without any bias, after school, in 2008 he entered the Herzen state pedagogical University.And.Herzen at the faculty of fine arts.
Since 2015 were trained in the Restoration College for the manufacturer of art products from a tree, in 2018 he joined the Union of Restorers of Russia.
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Rose Bonhur. Wounded eagle
Wounded eagle
Rose Bonhur
1870, 147.6×114.6 cm
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Joseph Noel Paton. Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad
Joseph Noel Paton
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Ivan Andreevich Kacherin. The handle of the cane
The handle of the cane
2017, 90 cm
Ivan Andreevich Kacherin. Matreshka-octopus (Cthulhu)
3 500 ₽
Matreshka-octopus (Cthulhu)
XXI century, 13.5×8 cm
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