Sergeevna Arsiuta

Date and place of birth: 28.01.1966 G. in Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan, Soviet Union.

1987-89 Worked in Scientific research Institute of restoration in Alma-ATA, took part in the expedition to the Mangyshlak Peninsula and the reconstruction project of the theatre of Opera and ballet in Alma-ATA.

1991 Vladivostok art College worked as a designer.

In 2000 he participated as a designer in the creation of the memorial sign Honganji on the site of a former Buddhist temple in Vladivostok.

2001-2002 — worked at Seaside art gallery head of the branch.

2002-2005 Worked in Primorye as a freelance artist.

From 2005 to 2008 she lived and worked in Rostov Veliky. Regularly exhibited at regional exhibitions in Yaroslavl Union of artists.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia.

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1988 “Young architects of Kazakhstan”, Alma-ATA

1996 “Teacher and students” Museum. V. K. Arsenyev, Vladivostok

1998 “My love, Sidemi”, personal exhibition, geographical society of the Academy of Sciences, Vladivostok

1999 “City and faces”, gallery of modern art Artetage, Vladivostok

2000. “Children's portrait”, gallery of modern art Artetage, Vladivostok

2000. “the History of one of the estate”, State picture gallery of Primorye, Vladivostok

2001 “Hero to the proscenium!”, State picture gallery of Primorye branch, Partizansky PR., 12, Vladivostok

2002 “Dedicated to theatre...”, State Museum. V. K. Arsenyev,

2003 - “Reality against truth”, the Russian-Belgian project, gallery of modern art Artetage, Vladivostok

2007 Spring regional exhibition of the Yaroslavl Union of artists, Yaroslavl

2007 Regional exhibition “Artists of Central regions of Russia”, Yaroslavl Union of artists, Yaroslavl

2007 Exhibition of portrait. Yaroslavl Union of artists, Yaroslavl

2006-2015 – constant participant of annual exhibitions of the Yaroslavl regional.

2015 Exhibition at the Yaroslavl Radio plant

2015 "Week of the Arts in China", China, Beijing

2015. "Russian plein air - the revival of impressionism" the Yaroslavl Union of artists, Yaroslavl

2015. "again the soul is full of poetry" Exhibition hall. Nuzhina, Yaroslavl

2015 "the Crimean history. Gurzuf" Ariskin Studio, Yaroslavl

2015 "To the Cape of Good Hope" the house-Museum of Stanislavsky, Moscow

2016 "Thank you party darling, for your curing space!", Nekrasovskiy district Museum

2016 "To the Cape of Good Hope", the Library of arts. A. P. Bogolyubov, Moscow

2016". Seasons", Library named after V. Zhukovsky, Moscow

2016 "Treasures of the ancient city", Ariskin Studio, Yaroslavl

2016, "Crimea. Places of Konstantin Korovin", Gallery "Russian seasons", Yaroslavl

2017 "Chronicle of our time", Concert and entertainment center "Millenium", Yaroslavl

2017 "Creative bridge Yaroslavia-Moravia", the Administration of the region zlín region, zlín, Czech Republic

2017 "Colors of the Crimea", OAO "Russkie Kraski", Yaroslavl

2017 "Painters – dip your brushes...", the Yaroslavl regional Philharmonic society, Yaroslavl

2017 Charity exhibition "Romanov destiny", art gallery "Ariskin Studio", Yaroslavl

Participated in open-airs:

New year's plein air in Yaroslavl

Literary plein air by Nekrasov places

Gurzuf open air

Yaroslavl Winter 2016

Small plein air

Plein air in the Czech Republic, Zlin Region

II annual Literary and art plein air by Nekrasov places

XVI international Slavic open air in the Belgorod region

Autumn Tveritsy

Crimea 2016

Third annual plein air "new year's Yaroslavl"

The second Czech open air, Zlin region 2017

The third Annual literary open air by Nekrasov places

Charity open air for the preservation and restoration of the Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God


"Autumn swirl"

The fourth Annual plein air "new year's Yaroslavl"
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