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Evgen'evich Koreshkov
born in 1958 •
Biography and information
Born in Moscow in 1958. Graduated MSHR in 1978, class artist-jeweler.
V1981 entered the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute on Hudgraf. In 1983, in connection with new interests, he completed training and entered the creative workshop of Oleg Lyapkusov from 1983−1987. In 1988 he worked in the Moscow laboratory of rock music. In the group cap. Engaged in experimental music. In 1990 he was invited to Denmark as a student at the Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 1992 he moved to Munich. Attended private jewelry courses. In 2004 he was invited to the jewelry Danish-Russian company Hans Jensen as a creative director. In 2010, Alexander Arne was invited as a creative director to the company. Since 2016, I devote a lot of time to modern painting. Favorite artists Renoir. Degas, Modeliani, Rotko, Nicolas de Stael, A. Kim, O. Lyapkusov and many others.
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Sergey Efimov. Sunset in the steppe
Sunset in the steppe
Sergey Efimov
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Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Not in the forest
Not in the forest
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov
90×150 cm
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Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Before the end
Before the end
2018, 70×65 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Elephant and October
Elephant and October
2018, 60×40 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Poor. poor poor
Poor. poor poor
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. At work
At work
1994, 100×80 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Winter 1
Winter 1
2018, 100×80 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Not by the river
Not by the river
2018, 90×65 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Viewing in the movie theater of a friend
Viewing in the movie theater of a friend
2017, 100×75 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Is it good to be caught here?
Is it good to be caught here?
70×60 cm
Vladimir Evgen'evich Koreshkov. Well, did I say that?
Well, did I say that?
2018, 80×80 cm
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