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Tanya Vasilenko. "Poppies", acrylic on canvas. Poppies. Acrylic on canvas.
"Poppies", acrylic on canvas. Poppies. Acrylic on canvas.
Tanya Vasilenko
70×110 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Irises
Vincent van Gogh
May 1889, 71×93 cm
Vincent van Gogh. Two sunflower
Two sunflower
Vincent van Gogh
September 1887, 50×60 cm
Stanley Spencer. Yellow tulips
Yellow tulips
Maurice de Vlaminck. Flowers. A Symphony of colors
Flowers. A Symphony of colors
Maurice de Vlaminck
1906, 99×66 cm
Wassily Kandinsky. Garden in Murnau II
Garden in Murnau II
Wassily Kandinsky
1910, 67×51 cm
Georgia O'Keeffe. Orchids
Georgia O'Keeffe
1941, 70.2×55.2 cm
Georgia O'Keeffe. Maki
Georgia O'Keeffe
1950, 91.4×76.2 cm
Norman Rockwell. Spring flowers
Spring flowers
Lesser Ury. Amaryllis
Lesser Ury
1905, 100.5×70 cm
Piet Mondrian. Dahlia
Piet Mondrian
1920, 22.9×17.2 cm


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