Sergeevna Neveiko

Belarus • artist, collector
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Julia Nevada was born in Mashhad in 1986. In 2008 he graduated from art-graphic faculty of Vitebsk state University named P. M. Masherov in the specialty "Fine arts and drawing". In 2009, he received the degree of master of pedagogical Sciences in the field of fine arts.

Julia works primarily in oil painting. Also likes to work with pastel, sauce. Watercolor pencils, pen and ink – also not deprived of attention of this young artist.

In portrait painting the artist uses a wide method of transmitting their feelings and sensations. Each portrait is its own, unique way. "To paint portraits I like the most, – said Julia, ‒ in fact the most interesting, the most difficult is to find the right look "to get" in character. And when that happens – you get real satisfaction from the work done". So many of the portraits "transform" and become heroes of fairy tales, epics and myths.

A favorite theme for paintings are mythological scenes, fantasy images. Each of them has its existing prototype. So, between the real and the imagined are born magical works of the young artist. Therefore, the characters of her paintings seem so alive and real. At the same time mysterious and full of secrets. Her exhibitions unreal and magical images are transformed into real, existing outside us. As feelings of an artist from obscurity to turn into beautiful paintings.

Landscapes and still lifes Yulia full of bright colors and sunlight. For landscapes and still lifes of the artist's typical realistic vision.

Participates in art exhibitions since 2011. Julia is actively working in the open air, is a regular participant in plein air "Summer in Province" in the town of Smolevichy.

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