Alekseevich Makarov

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1960
Ordering an artwork
Sergey Makarov was born in Leningrad in October 1960.
With five years he attended an art Studio "classrooms" in the State Hermitage. Then the school at the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin. He studied and graduated from art school №2. He graduated from the Leningrad city art school.
He studied at the picturesque pedagogical Department of the Leningrad art College named. V. A. Serov. Thesis - "excellent".
In 1991 in St. Petersburg graduated from the State pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen, faculty of fine arts. Evaluation of the HEC of the thesis.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1994.

Participant of exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The main theme of creativity - marinistic, portrait and landscape genres, still life.
Works in oil painting, watercolors, tempera, pastels, and graphic materials.

The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko expressed his personal gratitude to the artist Sergei Makarov "For conscientious work and active participation in the creation of the exposition of the Central naval Museum on the cruiser "Aurora", 2017

In 2016 Sergei Makarov won the tender announced by the Central naval Museum (CVM, Saint-Petersburg), on the performance of historical paintings for the branch of the Museum on the cruiser "Aurora".
In no time, examining historical documents, photographs, eyewitness accounts of events, having been in Kronstadt on the cruiser in the process of recovery, Sergey Makarov has created three historical paintings of high artistic level that entered the first exhibit hall on the cruiser "Aurora" (Saint Petersburg).
The results of the implementation of the government order passed in the Studio of marine painters at the Central naval Museum (St. Petersburg), 2016

The winner of the First international triennial of graphics in St. Petersburg "INTER-NIGHTS 2011", 2011

The winner of the competition "Muses of St. Petersburg", in the nomination "graphic arts", the diploma awarded in Smolny the St. Petersburg Governor V. A. Yakovlev. 1997

The artist's paintings are in the Central naval Museum and its branches, in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Personal exhibitions:

1. St.-Petersburg, VSEGEI them. A. P. Karpinsky. 2014
2. S.-Pb, children's art school №2. 2014
3. S.-Pb, the Museum-apartment of I. I. Brodsky. 2013
4. S.-Petersburg, Union of Artists at 38 Bolshaya Morskaya. 2010
5. S.-Petersburg, Museum Of V. Nabokov. 2006
6. S.-Pb, the Gallery "ASTROSOFT". 2003
7. S.-Pb, the Museum-apartment of I. I. Brodsky. 2002

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.
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