Nikolaevich Fedorov


Biography and information

Schedule, book Illustrator. In 1948 he graduated from the Moscow polygraphic Institute. The leading artist of the magazine "Crocodile" 1960-1970.

From the book the oldest "crocodile" I. P. Abramsky's book, "the Laughter of the strong":
"A significant place in the artistic group "Crocodile" was held by Yuri Fedorov worked in the magazine in 1948 after graduating from the Moscow polygraphic Institute. He immediately stood out for its ingenuity, ability not only to come up with topics satirical drawings, but also to find a form, a multiple-frame compositions, United by a common idea. In 1960, he painted on the cover "Crocodile" hitting the target arrows. They depict a bureaucrat, bribes, four-flusher, bungler, the degenerate, the drunkard, the gossip. This situation can be used for friendly cartoon on the Fedorov. Just all these negative characters always impresses his mark pen. Drawings Fedorov Yu. N. always infused with irony, their very success contributes equally ironic, elegant touch. His pattern is clear, over, but never licked, does not carry the traits of naturalism. The artist's paintings and drawings for children's books in particular, for the magazine "Fun". For many years he was a member of the editorial Board of this journal. Creative way Fedorov Yury Nikolaevich lit quickly came popular. He rose swiftly on the horizon satirical, but, while still in the Zenith, slowed its forward path. Unfortunately, the master left early."