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Saint Petersburg, Russia born in 1958 artist, collector
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Biography and information
Was born on 7 November 1958 In the village of Sedge Ulyanovsk region. 1979-1983 – teaching in the theatrical-decorative Department of Samara (Kuibyshev) art school.1983-1985 – making performances in Samara national theatres. Work in the city advertising Agency "Wave". Participation in local and regional art exhibitions and zonal exhibition "Big Volga" (Yoshkar-Ola). 1985 – admission to the theater Department of the faculty of painting of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts (Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin). Studied with Edward Kochergin, Evsey Evseevich Moiseenko, Petr Petrovich Belousov, Pyotr Timofeyevich Fomin. 1991 – Successful completion of the Academy of arts. Diploma thesis "Peter I" was highly evaluated by the State Examination Commission. December 1997 – Personal exhibition in VHC "Nevograf".
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