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Arkady Pavlovich Laptev
 Pavlovich Laptev
Kirov 1926−2000-th
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Biography and information
Arkady Pavlovich Laptev (16.08.1926−12.09.2000) — Soviet artist, teacher of painting.
Born in the city of Yalutorovsk of the Omsk region (Yalutorovsk district, USSR). Parents — father Laptev, Pavel, the mother Lapteva Maria.
During the great Patriotic war, the family moved to the city of Kirov (Kirov oblast, USSR). Arkady as a young man worked at the plant. Lepse, participated in the production of military ordnance, worked on the machines. 13 Dec 1941. while working he graduated from the course instructors-volunteers for bayonet (the rank of instructor-social work in bayonet fighting). From poor working conditions fell ill with tuberculosis, lost one lung, but recovered and continued an active life.
From March 15, 1945. on 30 Aug 1946. he worked in publishing house "Kirov artist" as a portrait painter.
From 1947. in 1948. worked as an artist in the club plant "ISKOZH" Kirov.
In 1948. worked in Kirovenergo in the fuel and transport workshop on the post of commandant. In 1951.
Arkady Pavlovich entered the Gorky art school (Gorky, RSFSR, USSR)
In 1953. trained in DOSAAF training camp in the specialty "master of repair of radiation monitoring instruments".
In 1954. graduated school of painting and teaching a specialty, qualification — teacher of painting and drawing in middle school. After graduation, he returned to Kirov. The YCL was not a non-partisan, was a Union of culture workers.
Since August 1954. in September 1959. worked in the City Palace of pioneers head of the art club.
29 Oct 1957. married Golomidova Margarita Ivanovna. The couple had a daughter and a son.
Since September 1959. to September 1960. worked at the Kirov television Studio for the posts of artist-type designer.
Since October 1960. to July 1966. worked in the City Palace of pioneers head of the art Studio.
In may of 1964. Arcadia Laptev thanked for good preparation of young artists.
Since July 1966. to October 1973. worked in the newspaper "the Kirov truth" artist-Retoucher.
Since September 1972. to September 1986. worked in the school of cultural enlightenment Kirov teacher of the discipline "graphic materials".

In January, 1978. Arkady Laptev was awarded the honorary diploma for achievements in the aesthetic education of students and active participation in public life.
From 2 December 1972. on 16 Dec 1972. trained at the Kirov regional courses of civil defense training program for writers and journalists.
From November 10, 1982. on 8 Dec 1982. qualifications and training with a separation from manufacture at the Chelyabinsk state Institute of culture on visual propaganda and agitation.
In 1986. dismissed in connection with retirement age. Awarded a diploma for active work in the Voluntary Society of assistance to the Navy.
02.06.1958 was awarded the honorary diploma for fruitful work in the Communist education of children. (The Kirov REGIONAL Committee of Komsomol) 29.04.1962 awarded a diploma for active participation in the regional exhibition of children’s fine art and great job on the aesthetic education of students. (The Kirov REGIONAL Committee of the Komsomol)
18.05.1962 awarded a diploma for active work with pioneers in honor of the 40th anniversary of the pioneer organization named after V. I. Lenin. (The Kirov REGIONAL Committee of the Komsomol)
29.04.1962 awarded an honorary diploma for good work submitted to the regional exhibition of children’s fine art. (The Kirov REGIONAL Committee of the Komsomol)
21.12.1967 awarded a diploma for active work in "the Kirov truth" in connection with the 50th anniversary of the release of the first issue of the newspaper.
25.12.1968 awarded with the diploma for active public work in the trade unions. (Presidium of the Kirov regional Committee of trade Union of workers of culture)
Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 6, 1945. awarded the medal "For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war of 1941−1945."
Over many years of diligent work on behalf of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR by the decision of the Kirov regional Executive Committee of the Council of people’s deputies of June 10, 1985. awarded the medal "Veteran of labour".
A presidential decree of March 22, 1995. awarded the jubilee medal "50 years of Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941−1945."
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