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Eduard Yurievich Abzhinov
 Yurievich Abzhinov
Moscow and Moscow Oblast born in 1974 artist
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Biography and information
Eduard abzhinov was born in a small village in Krasnodar region in 1974. He received his education for their future profession, having graduated from art-graphic faculty of one of the leading universities of the Kuban capital. In his first exhibitions the artist participated, while still a student, and it was not only exhibitions of regional, but also on a national scale (e.g., "Perfo-Ratio Kanta" in Kaliningrad). After graduation, Abzhinov has exhibited his work in many exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg and other Russia. His works are in various countries around the world, in private collections. Currently, the artist lives and works in Moscow.
Abzhinov is a new generation of art masters. Works written in a modernist style, he exposes not only at personal and group exhibitions.
This happens partly because the artist is open to new ideas and trends in art, his views are in step with the times. The world around is Abronova the impetus for creativity. He is constantly in search of new forms and expressive means. The artist's work, mostly executed in mixed media. It is important for him to show things that are inaccessible to the human eye, however, are in the imagination.
Playing bright, saturated colors, and geometric shapes and figures, the author creates an interesting pattern that attract the attention of not only connoisseurs of modern art, but just random visitors of art exhibitions. Thus, it is not necessary to assume that Abzhinov does not take into account in his work tradition and experience gained over the years. In his work art and the laws of perception seamlessly flow into each other, supplemented with new, not frequently used, methods. As a result of vibrant, evocative paintings, which allowed the author to gain some credibility and earn the name among connoisseurs of modern painting.
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Styles of art
Oil, Wax
Branches of art

  • KSU
    1991  - 1996
  • Избранные групповые выставки: 1994 - «Perfo-Ratio-Kanta». Худож