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Belgium born in 1987 artist
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Biography and information
My name is Irina Gordejeva, I was born in 1987. I live in Belgium in Brussels .I have no artistic education, I paint the way I feel. I am drawing when the inspiration comes, or idea what i want to realise on the canvas. I work with acrylic paints. I hope you will be pleased with the picture presented as they delight me. I’ve always loved paintings, but I began to write them myself in 2014, I paint because I have this need. When I paint, I feel joy and peace of mind. I write in the mood, sometimes for several hours and sometimes not for long. I am pleased with my work, I wish everyone a pleasant view of my paintings.
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About me
My name is Irina Gordejeva ,I was born in 1987.I live in Belgium in Brussels .I have no artistic education, I paint the way I feel.I am drawing when the inspiration comes, or idea what i want to realise on the canvas.I work with acrylic paints. I hope you will be pleased with the picture presented as they delight me. I've always loved paintings, but I began to write them myself in 2014, I paint because I have this need.When I paint, I feel joy and peace of mind.I write in the mood, sometimes for several hours and sometimes not for long.I am pleased with my work, I wish everyone a pleasant view of my paintings.

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