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born in 1997 •
artist, collector
Biography and information
Artist Sone Borisovna is 21. She was born and lives in Moscow. She continues to study at the RSUH in the Faculty of Advertising and Public Relations. However, several years ago I felt that it was "not hers." And the most important thing in life is creativity.
Sonia started painting herself as a child, probably because of genes. Her mother graduated from the Art and Graphic Department of MGPI. In the mid-80's, her work could be seen at the exhibition in the Manezh. "Despite the fact that I stubbornly drew, I never went to learn it professionally. I remember only that I consulted with my mother, how to do better, what to correct and how to achieve this or that effect, "Sonia says.
The long search for my own self and the theme of creativity ended unexpectedly. Faced with big health problems, when the question of infertility arose, the artist realized: "I should not look like models from the podium, I should not be embarrassed by my body. What opportunities the body gives me - with this I should live, enjoying every day. "
The main idea that Sonia wants to convey through her work - we are all individual and beautiful in their own way. You can not insult and humiliate another person for not meeting the standards of beauty that society imposes on us.
In fact, the work of Sonya Borisova is an artistic comprehension of the ideas of the body kit with its slogan "My body is my business!" In the pictures of the artist - the most ordinary women, with hair on the body, folds on the abdomen - in general, with those natural features that society is considered to be shortcomings. "The more we see different types on TV, in advertising, in magazines and on podiums, the less women will try to match one standard and suffer because of their complexes," Borisova is convinced.
Among her projects, for example, illustrations for Bilingua Ladies underwear. However, in fact, Borisova is proud of the set of stickers, all the profits from which went to the Independent Charity Center for Relief of the Survivors of Sexual Violence "Sisters".
On her page in Instagram signed more than 12,000 people. "I see that the topics that I raise are really close to many people, I feel that I'm doing something important and talking about what many, perhaps, are not yet ready to talk about," admits Borisova.
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