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born in 1956

Biography and information

Vladimir V. Abakumov
Founder and Director, Center of Art Brut-Outsider Art
Bar, Montenegro

Born in 1956.


Graduated from Moscow Institute of Typography (specialization in book-work)

Professonal Experience

1979 - 1985 Director of the Soviet Book Exhibitions. Managed book exhibitions in the former USSR and abroad. Organized more than 20 international exhibitions in the framework of the Moscow International Book Fair.

1986 - 1989 Founder and Director, Exhibition Department, The Tretyakov Gallery. Directed exhibitions of masterpieces of Russian Fine Art, and presented well-known international collections in Russia. Key projects included: an exhibition of the Prado Museum (Spain), an "Arts from Berlin" show, an "American Art of the 19th-20th centuries" exhibit, as well as shows of artwork from private collections (including Armand Hammer and Harry Bosmadgan). Responsibilities also included representing the Tretyakov Gallery and cooperating with sponsor organizations including Deutsche Bank and the Pepsi-Cola Company. Revived the Tretyakov Gallery publication program.

1988 - 1989 - Deputy Director of the Soviet Cultural Fund. Specializing in exhibitions and auctions. Organized numerous exhibitions of Russian Contemporary Art from private collections in Russia and abroad.

1989. Founded "The Humanitarian Center," a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of creative activity. The Center sponsored art shows, theater performances, publications and other projects. One of these projects, "We create too ...", became very popular in Russia and abroad. This project was formed the basis of a collection of art works by the mentally ill, formed during the early 1990s.

1995 - 2011. Founder and Director, The Russian Museum of Outsider Art. This Museum was dedicated to introducing Outsider Art to Russia, and also presenting Russian Outsider Art to an international audience. The Museum represents the first, and only comprehensive, collection of Russian outsider art in the world. The collection, comprising several hundred pieces, has been exhibited throughout the former Soviet Union, as well as in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, South Africa, Peru and the United States and other countries.
2011- present
Founder and Director, Center of Art Brut-Outsider Art in Montenegro.
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