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"The Ark of Odessa"

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2017 • Watercolor, Paper

Description of the artwork «"The Ark of Odessa"»

The watercolor "The Ark of Odessa" was included in one of the episodes of the film "Into the Nation of Great Odessa". The painting shows the allegorical journey of Odessa citizens in the world space. It's a journey in search of your roots and the city of your dreams. The boundaries between the water and air elements are erased, this is the space of dreams. The main thing is that the Tree of Life of Odessites grows directly from the deck of the salvage ship, and the whole world, from whose images Odessa is woven, becomes for travelers a native. At the stern is a leisurely snail, symbolizing the image of a house that is always with itself, in a spiral of always renewing being. expressive watercolor technique. Artist Alexander Brunkovsky.
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Allegorical scene
Style of art and technique: Watercolor
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