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Sergeevich Danilevsky

born in 1965 •
artist, gallery owner
Artist in social media
Danilevsky Nikolay Sergeevich.
Artist and decorator
Born in 1965 in Leningrad, in a family of geologists. Primary art education is not received, after graduation he worked at the factory as a mechanic, served in the Soviet army. He studied at the Forestry Academy. CM. Kirov from where he was expelled. He changed a number of working specialties characteristic of creative professions (janitor, carpenter, etc.). He devoted all his free time to independent study of music, visual arts, and martial arts. In 1989 he entered and successfully graduated from SPbHu im. V.A. Serov (now NK Roerich), the faculty of graphic design (diploma) studied in the VAC named. I.E. Repin, faculty of graphics. He taught at SPbHu them. N.K. Roerich (graphic design, font and printed graphics).
1998 laureate of the city competition of pedagogical achievements, the section "New technologies in general and vocational education." Teacher of the highest category. One of the authors of the program, “Acquisition”, the section “Graphic Design” (the Russian President’s grand prize for introducing innovative technologies in the framework of the national project, “Education”)
He worked as a decorative artist in the Opera and Ballet Theater. Mn Mussorgsky, the Theater of Young Spectators. A.A. Bryantseva, the State Youth Theater on the Fontanka and in other theaters of St. Petersburg. He performed a series of works for Niko von Glazov’s film “Pirates of Edelweiss” and Alexey Herman “It's hard to be a god.

Founder of the Petersburg School of Fantastic Realism.
Took part in exhibitions of the creative association “Old City”.
Permanent member of the "International Association of Artists descendants of noble families".
Works of the artist are in Russian and foreign collections, corporate and private collections.
Participant of international and Russian exhibitions.
Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

In Russia, the truth almost always has a character quite fantastic.
F. M. Dostoevsky.
“The famous quote from Dante“ Having walked half my way through the earth, I found myself in a gloomy forest (Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura) ”is hardly applicable to the current period of art by Nikolai Danilevsky. Rather, he is in that happy and fruitful period for an artist when masculine skills and his own style are already certain, but the will and desire remained to continue to look for themselves, not stop, be not a tribute to what has been achieved, but the owner of what was found when interest in a courageous experiment not burdened by dangerous complacency. He already has something to be proud of.
He has his own style, maestria, polished taste, range of motives, real creative concentration. He is recognizable, not burdened with a vain desire to fit into the current mainstream, his works are modern, but they have a tradition and the substance of art, without which the most “relevant” work remains just a trick ... ”
Mikhail Y. GERMAN
Professor, Doctor of Art,
Member of the International Association
art critics (AICA) at UNESCO
and the International Council of Museums (ICOM)
* “Nikolai Danilevsky” (fragment of the article for the artist’s anniversary)

Time in the works of artist Nikolai Danilevsky. *
“What do we remember, what do we know about time? Yesterday, tomorrow - there is only now, in that frame - the frame of life, which we compose from separate memories of the past and the future. We can not see it. It is static for us at this moment and this second. So are the works of Nikolai Danilevsky, at first glance - monumental canvases with constructive clarity, which speak about the linearity of our world. But the world from the plane of his canvases gradually opens with its versatility, thanks to the incorporation of some symbols into itself, and the viewer already sees another reality, invented, or rather assembled from individual parts of the artist’s memory and feelings.
The basis of the work of Nikolai Danilevsky is the original philosophy of time. It has become a binding "substance" in the artist's world. Whether it be the size of the canvas, the writing of the paintings that make up the series, where in each new piece one more minute passes, although not one, but 5 or 7 minutes. They move measuredly, calmly. From the time come to light passing images, connecting together the entire life of the artist.
The object of creativity - one life, but he lives this life twice. First - when the artist creates the work, then - in the opposite direction when the viewer discovers this subject for himself. On such a system of perception of art built creativity of Nikolai Danilevsky. The secondary birth of the artist's painting, as it seems, is slower than her first life, because clear structuredness, linear clarity of the compositional form comes to the fore. But according to the confluence of time that passes in the study of the surface of the canvas, the space of the picture begins to expand in several directions. New and new parts of it are revealed, which tell the viewer stories created by the artist ... "

Elena Vladimirovna Korvatska.
Ph.D. in History of Arts.
Member of the Association of Art Critics (AIS)
* "Time in the works of the artist Nikolai Danilevsky" (fragment of the article)
Ed. Association of Art Critics (AIS) Creative Union of Art Historians and Art Critics of Russia. Petersburg art history notebooks. Issue number 46 St. Petersburg, 2017. 284s. ISBN 978-5-906442-09-3


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