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Aleksandrovich Lurie 1916 - 1990


Biography and information

Arkady Alexandrovich Lurye (February 9, 1916-1990) - Soviet illustrator, graphic artist, artist of the book. Member of the MOSSKH (since 1947), member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR (since 1961).
In 1933-1939 he studied at the graphic faculty of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, from which he graduated with honors. Pupil of professors E. E. Lancere and O. A. Charlemagne.
From 1932 he worked as a graphic artist of the Transcaucasian State Publishing House. From 1933 he collaborated with the journals of Georgia: “Nyangi”, “Physical trainer of the Transcaucasus”.
Member of the Union of Artists of Georgia since 1936.
A special decision of the Department of Culture of Georgia was sent to Moscow to graduate school of the Moscow Art Institute. V.I. Surikov, where he continued his studies in 1939–1941, the class of professors D.S. Moore and N.E. Radlov.
Volunteer participated in the Great Patriotic War.
Illustrated more than three hundred books, among which "The Plane Flies", "The Transparent Elephant", the collection "Malyshkina Book", "Two Captains". He worked as an illustrator in the publishing houses of the magazines Murzilka, Malysh, Sovetskiy Writer, Goslitizdat and others. The book graphics of A.A. Lurye are distinguished not only by the magnificent drawing and composition, but also by the expressiveness of artistic images and characters, each of which has its own character.
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