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Nikolaevna Aganina

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1987 • artist

Biography and information

Short biography.
Antzhelina Nikolaevna Aganina (until March 2009 bore the name of Svetlana) (born November 28, 1987, Saratov, Russia. Russian contemporary artist. In addition to actionism and performance, she is engaged in post-modern painting (post-surrealism, post-primitivism).
Parents: Nikolay Aganin and Tatyana Aganina.
Family status:
Divorced. Three children: daughter Victoria (born in 2005), Juolita (born in 2008) and Nikolai (born in 2019).
She graduated from the Saratov State Technical University (SSTU) with a degree in Human Resource Management, and a second, incomplete higher education: St. Petersburg State University “History of Philosophy”.
In 2013, she became interested in painting. In 2015, the first solo exhibition was held in Saratov, the funds raised went to charity.
In 2016 she moved to live in St. Petersburg. In 2017, she organized the “Homeless Art” festival of contemporary art in the Art Square.
In the same year, she took part in the creation of the Organized Art Group (OCH) “Survivors” and in her subsequent artistic events. The first action, entitled “The Funeral of Contemporary Art”, took place in December 2017 near the Erarta Museum of Modern Art. The artist was lying in a coffin, holding the Black Square in her hands, other participants in the OCH have symbolically performed the funeral ritual near the coffin.
In April 2018, the first solo exhibition was held in St. Petersburg under the name “Brain Hyprealism”.
Also in April 2018, another UCH action “Artist's Life” took place. The rally took place near the government building of St. Petersburg, where Antgelina, dressed in a sweatshirt, with a stocking on her head and a poster in her hands, was kneeling at the entrance to Smolny, in the hands of the temple was a fake gun.
In August 2018, together with the Moscow artist TOMVA, they carried out the art event "Delivery in the Palace Square". The artists lay for several hours at the gate to the winter palace on a red canvas with the inscription: "The Newest Art - We Are."
In September 2018, she opened an independent gallery in the territory of the Red Triangle Plant.
In the same year, together with Omsk artist Nikita Pozdnyakov and others, she created the Creative Union “Wait for Flies”. The first collective exhibition was held in the open air on the Udelnaya metro market.
In November 2018, she organized the festival of undergun art “From It to You”. The festival featured the work of artists from all over Russia, as well as the work of the exhibition: Polina Muzyka, Nikita Pozdnyakova, Marina Lizorkina and many other artists.
Since May since 2019, he has been a member of the Moscow art group Peredvizhniki.