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Марта Адт
Moscow born in 1982 artist
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«Artist from famous german art family»
Biography and information
I discovered my creative potential after 30 years, when I went to get a second education as a decorator. Several generations of men from the famous German family of Adt, associated with creativity, influenced my choice.
in 1867. sculptor Nicholas Adt signed a contract with the architect Ryazanov to participate in the construction of the Palace for Prince Vladimir, son of Alexander ll.
My great-grandfather was a famous St. Petersburg artist-engraver Konstantin Adt, who painted a portrait of the last soldier of Napoleon Jean-Baptiste Nicolas Savin.
In St. Petersburg at that time were considered the best engravers Mate, K. Adt, Rashevsky, Weyerman, etc. the Name of my great-grandfather can be found in the book " honorary citizens of St. Petersburg"
Since childhood I loved to draw with pencils. After school, I was very fascinated by travel and later this hobby, I opened a travel Agency. Lived several years in Switzerland and France. After the birth of her son and daughter began to paint landscapes with oil, began to come new ideas, new techniques, insights, I wanted to experiment. In this way I came to realize my creative talent. And it immediately made me happier and life became more interesting.

My works carry meaning, philosophy, symbolism, my state of mind.
For example, a series of paintings of butterflies symbolizes my bright period in the life of transformation and rebirth, as does the caterpillar.
My picture "Split personality" is a self-portrait symbolizes the stage of life before and after, which can not be done without a split of consciousness and in the center of this split a new personality is born.
In my paintings, a special energy is transmitted to their owner and his house. Some of my works are in private collections in Russia and Europe.
Then I started to transfer painting to clothes, shoes, accessories and decor.
Painting on fabric in a single copy, emphasizing the individuality of a person and a unique image.
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2018, 60×100×2 cm
Марта Адт. (no title)
(no title)
2018, 80×60 cm
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