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Владимирович Дорофеев

born in 1969 •
I have started doing painting since I was able to stand firmly in the cot. As my Mom told me, she had pinned a sheet of paper to the wall, to prevent it from being stained. So my first canvas had been rather uncomplicated. Mostly I used to draw on them primitive faces of people consisting of dots, commas and dashes. Frankly speaking, those first attempts of portrait drawing were over soon and I took up other genres of painting.
I started serious painting 35 years ago. Since that time I have never given up my favorite occupation that became my career. And I go on painting nowadays. A lot of my canvas are in private Russian and foreign collections.
In my work I prefer oil, and I also like watercolor. I do painting in different genres, styles. I adore themes of Russian nature, quiet streets of Russian ancient cities, power of sea scope, still life painting. I try to fill every picture with mood and energy.
I like to insert my works into the interior of the house filling the space with colors. I can draw a painting and create a fancy mood both inside a house or an office.
In 2005 I graduated with honor from the Academic school of design (specialization - interior designer). After the graduation the sphere of my interests rose considerably. For me it is always interesting to start a new business connected with painting, design and architecture. Starting it I always follow the motto "You are afraid - don't do anything. You started to do - don't be afraid!" I know that confidence in success of any new work multiplied by experience and love to my business always lead to good results.
I have been taking part in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. I don't stop by gained results. I am looking forward to new plans and ideas.
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    Родился 08 мая 1969г. в г.Запорожье (СССР). Образование: Академическая школа дизайна г.Москвы (с отличием). Член Творческого Союза Художников России Член Российской Ассоциации художников-маринистов Живописью занимается с 1983 г. Окончил запорожскую художественную школу. Работал в мастерской художника Пискунова В.А. С 1990 г. принимает участие в различных выставках и работает профессионально. Выставляется в художественных салонах и галереях г.Москвы и за рубежом. В 2005 г. окончил московскую Академическую школу дизайна по профессии дизайнер интерьера. Однако живопись считает главной в своём творчестве. Работы художника Сергея Дорофеева находятся в различных частных зарубежных и российских коллекциях. Работает в различных жанрах (пейзаж, флористика, море, натюрморт) и в различной технике (в основном масло, акварель). Персональный сайт:
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