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Valerievich Sushchin
Saint Petersburg, Russia 
born in 1959 •
Biography and information
Born in 1959 in the city of Kirovsk, Murmansk region. He graduated from LVHPU them. IN AND. The fly Member of the Union of Designers of Russia.
Since 1997, he has participated in exhibitions in Russia and abroad: Savio Museum in Kirkenes, (Norway, 1997); Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville (Florida, United States, 1998); Art Center "Pushkinskaya 10" (St. Petersburg, 1998), Exhibition Hall "Central House of Artists" (Moscow, 1999), gallery "NAIV" - personal exhibition: painting, graphics (St. Petersburg, 2000), Museum of Modern Art in Bochum — personal exhibition: etching (Germany, 2004), Exhibition Hall of the St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Artists of Russia (2000−2005), Russian Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg, 2012).
Picturesque and graphic works are kept in museums: — Savio Museum in Kirkenes (Norway); - Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville (Florida, USA); - Museum of Contemporary Art in Bochum (Germany);
The painting is presented at a permanent exhibition in: — The Art Compass antique gallery (St. Petersburg); - Gallery of the hotel "Matisov house" (St. Petersburg).
Works are also in private collections in Germany, Greece, Spain, Norway, Russia, France, USA, Japan.
About painting: "My path to the picture is the gradual release of painting from the influence of graphics. The task of the line in the picture is not only to organize the form, but to be alive, self-sufficient, supporting color. A lot of work has given me work in the technique of etching. She showed how to make the composition concise, remove all unnecessary, build a balance of tone and color spots. In painting it is necessary to work with color, which must be truthful. True painting — in the purity of color. The Impressionists understood this. The picturesque quest of Claude Monet, and, following him, Pierre Bonnard, illustrate the virtuoso ability to work with color, which is so significant for modern painting. But color is possible only where there is light. Therefore, the main task of the artist — to start your art, bright and joyful. My favorite genres are landscape, still life, interior. They make it possible to depict light and color in this world. And I am happy that this opportunity is embodied in each picture. The viewer is important. As an interlocutor … "
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Claude Monet
Pond with water lilies
Garden path
Rouen Cathedral, the portal and the Tour d Alban in the sun
Fishing boats

Anastasiya Vorotnikova
Anastasiya Vorotnikova
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Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Sunny forest.
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. In the old park.
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Garden. Giverny.
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Istanbul. Evening. Canvas, oil. 2017
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Artworks by the artist
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Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Giverny. Glare on the ground.
Giverny. Glare on the ground.
2014, 50×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Giverny. France.
Giverny. France.
2017, 45×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Luxembourg Garden. Paris. France.
Luxembourg Garden. Paris. France.
2017, 50×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Siesta.
2017, 45×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Sea wind.
Sea wind.
2015, 45×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Fog.
2017, 30×40 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Last snow.
Last snow.
2017, 50×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. Sunny forest.
Sunny forest.
2017, 50×60 cm
Alexander Valerievich Sushchin. In the old park.
In the old park.
2016, 40×50 cm
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