Alexandrovich Konyashin


Biography and information

Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1970). Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1999). Freeman of Alatyr (1994).

Born August 11, 1938 in the city of Alatyr, Chuvash region. He lived in Elektrostal. Died June 23, 2019

The father died during the Great Patriotic War, the mother died in Alatyr, the aunt was engaged in bringing up the future artist.


Penza Art College named. K.A. Savitsky, 1958, teacher Yevgeny Alekseevich Nozdrin. Moscow Polygraphic Institute, 1961-1966, teachers: A.D. Goncharov - professor, student of V.A. Favorsky; V. N. Lyakhov - Doctor of Art History.

Stages of creative activity

Since 1957, the creative work. Since 1966, the artist works in publishing houses Fiction, Soviet Russia, Thought, collaborates with publishing houses of Izhevsk, Saratov, Kaliningrad, and others. Illustrates and designs books by Russian and foreign writers and poets. Participant of regional, zonal, republican, all-Union and international exhibitions. The first solo exhibition was held in Alatyr in 1994.

Konyashin O.A. awarded numerous diplomas and diplomas, the medal "For Merit" in front of the city of Elektrostal, Moscow Region, the Gold Medal of the Board of the Union of Artists of Russia "Spirituality. Traditions. Mastery."

Works were reproduced in such magazines as "Soviet Music", "Friendship of Peoples", "Musical Life", "Moscow", "Artist" and in the newspapers: "Soviet Culture", "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Nedelya" and others. The works are also in museums: Moscow, Mozhaisk, Solikamsk, Kargopol, Elektrostal, Leipzig, London, Hollis (USA), as well as in private collections.

Main works

Linocut series: “Provincial Cities of Russia”, “Architectural Ensembles”, “Russia is My Homeland”, “Monuments of Russian History”, “Landscapes of the Moscow Region”; portraits of outstanding people.

Etchings: “Orthodox” (1990), “Characters” (1997), “China Town” (1992, 2000–2003); “I am walking across Russia” (2004–2006).

Design and illustration of books: K.V. Ivanov "Favorites" (1979), K.G. Abramov “Stepan Erzya” (1980), D. Defoe “Robinson Crusoe” (1982), G.M. Markov, “The Salt of the Land” (1986), A. Dumas, “Queen Margot” (1995), “Scripture for Children” (1996), F.I. Tyutchev "Lyrics" (1996) and others.