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Arkadevich Laptev
Biography and information
Dmitry Arkadyevich Laptev (03/18/1963−15.06.2016) — Soviet artist, art teacher, history teacher.
Born in Kirov (Kirov Region, RSFSR, USSR).
Parents — Father Laptev Arkady Pavlovich, mother Laptev Margarita Ivanovna.
Dmitry Laptev studied at school № 40 in Kirov. Engaged in dancing. In the 6th grade he was awarded a diploma for active participation in the amateur art show.
In October 1977 joined the Komsomol, was a warrior. He graduated from school in 1978. and entered the Kirov regional art school, joined the union of educators, high schools and scientific institutions. In June 1982 He graduated from the full course on the specialty "Teaching of drawing and drawing", qualification — teacher of drawing and drawing.
Since November 1982 to October 1984 served in the Soviet army as a private soldier, specialty — senior film and radio mechanic, Krasnoufimsk. Awarded the badge "Excellent CA". He was awarded a diploma for excellent success in military and political training, exemplary discipline and impeccable service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the USSR.
Since 1985 till 1988 was a student voluntary sports society "Petrel". He had the qualifications of a narrow film film demonstrator.
He was awarded a diploma of the Kirov State United Historical, Architectural and Literary Museum for active participation in the historical and ethnographic expedition of 1986 in Yaransk district of the Kirov region.
After serving in the SA he studied at the Kirov State Pedagogical Institute named after VI Lenin at the Faculty of Social Professions and graduated in June 1990. In the first year he was awarded a diploma for active social work. Specialty — history and Soviet law, public professions assigned — the organizer of the local history museum at school, the lecturer, the organizer of atheistic work; qualification — a teacher of history, social studies and Soviet law. During his studies at the institute, he was teaching at the pioneer camp "Eaglet" KSH — he worked with children, he was teaching at the school № 59 in Kirov and Yuryansk secondary school.
He had a diploma of 2 degrees (laureate) of the regional competition of student works in social sciences, the history of the Komsomol and the international youth movement dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the 70th anniversary of the Komsomol (3 year course, abstract "Social-demographic characteristics of true Orthodox Christians example of Kiknur and Sanchursky districts of the Kirov region, April 13, 1988).
In 1990 Dmitry Laptev married Saenova Nina Efimovna. The couple had two sons.
Since 1991 Worked in the Kirov children’s art school. He was fond of sports shooting.

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Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Still life
Still life
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev
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Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. School gym
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Flour mill
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. House in the village
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Old man
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Woman in swimsuit
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Portrait of Arkady Laptev
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Self-portrait
Dmitry Arkadevich Laptev. Self-portrait
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