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Mikhailovich Utenkov

Russia • Moscow • 1948−2014

Biography and information

Utenkov Demian Mikhailovich (1948-2014) - graphic artist, illustrator, writer. An outstanding etcher of the end of the 20th century, the famous Russian traveler, explorer of Siberia. Participant of the most prestigious exhibitions in Europe and America.

Demian Utenkov summed up his creative credo by writing a quatrain:

Truly, you are alive, until the darkness of the night
Do you hear the light from the depths of non-existence
Trees grow - and there is no urine to hear,
And you cry while your soul is alive ...

Born on May 1, 1948 in Novogireevo, on the outskirts of Moscow. He graduated from the theater and art school. Refined technique (partially invented by the artist himself, of which he was especially proud); a fantasy that borders on mystical enlightenment (it was not for nothing that one of his personal exhibitions in the USA was called “Legends of the Future”, and the other - “New Vision”) - all this makes his works irresistible. Demian Mikhailovich worked a lot and fruitfully as an illustrator. Graphic sheets of Utenkov have a unique sign of individuality that allows him to unmistakably recognize his work. The impact is enhanced by the fact that behind the visible image is often viewed is not always clear, and even frightening overtones. “... The artist is sometimes deadly serious, and DEATH seems to be the main character of his exquisite works ...” - this is how an American art historian wrote about him.

For more than a quarter of a century of his life, the artist traveled to the most remote corners of Siberia, repeating more than once the routes of the Russian pioneers Poyarkov and Ermak. In total, Demyan spent twenty-five seasons in Eastern Siberia and three expeditions to the site of the fall of the Tungussky meteorite in South Yakutia. Connoisseurs are proud of the presence in his home library of his book “The Discovery of Siberia. Historical and geographical atlas for children and youth ". In it, the author introduced readers not only to well-known pioneers of Siberia, but also to the routes of such researchers as Alekseev, Dezhnev, Moskvitin, Penda, Rebrov, Khabarov.

Demian Utenkov tragically died July 7, 2014. He was buried at the Nikolo-Arkhangelskoye cemetery near Moscow.