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Germiseeva (Vlasova) Olga was born in the city of Sevastopol

psychologist, HR director of a textile company, business coach, coach,
I chose a caption for O'Germey’s paintings, since O'Henry was writing in a fun and meaningful way of life, so I try to colorfully paint realistic stories for you.
I think that "We were born to enjoy life and learn about the world through care, I want humanity to be creative, not destructive"
She studied painting as a child, returned 30 years later, and studied with Anna Pronskaya, or rather, she is my muse, with Andrey Madyokin and Stas Yurin. She has written many different works for friends and colleagues in the style of realistic impressionism. I love bright colors and colors, I want my work to give the sun and positive. There is also a desire to pay attention to environmental problems, for example, excessive production and consumption of plastics in the 21st century.
I came to Suninbun school in the summer of 2018 to the course "Vizualista", now I am immersed in the "Secrets of Color". I understood what creative painting is and freedom of expression in drawing. For me, abstraction is an art that expresses the thoughts of the artist, his promises to the audience, society.

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