Mikhailovna Agayan

Russia • Moscow • 1900-th −1958

Biography and information

Artist of arts and crafts, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. The main artist of the Moscow silk factory "Red Rose".

Susanna Mikhailovna Agayan was born in the west of Georgia in the city of Poti. Participant of exhibitions since 1923. Since 1932 - Member of the CPSU. Since 1934 - artist of the silk-weaving factory "Krasnaya Roza" (Moscow). In 1945 she received the diploma of the All-Artist. Is the mother of artists Isabella Joseph Aghayan and Dzholiko I. Agayanas well as the artist's grandmother Suren Asaturovich Arutyunyan. Susanna Aghayan participated in multiple exhibitions, including solo exhibitions in Moscow and the World Exhibition in Paris. Her works are in museums of Moscow and Yerevan. She died on August 10, 1958 in Moscow.