Валерьевна Ведяева

Russia • Moscow • born in 1994 • artist, collector
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Biography and information

Elena Vedyaeva. Born 03.10.1994 Amateur artist, graduated from TSU with a degree in art teacher. Participant of regional exhibitions. "My city" (Tomsk) 2014 "In the nature of things" in 2015. "Youth Look" (Seversk) 2015 "My city" 2016 International Scientific Conference "Urban Landscape" in 2016, Perceptual Sessions 2017,2018,2019. (Tomsk, St. Petersburg), exhibition "Az-Art" in MOSKh 2020.

In search of my own style, I try completely different techniques. Such styles are close as: primitivism, naive, expressionism, post-impressionism. I constantly experiment with different techniques and materials. In my work, I set a goal to create something completely original and unique. Abstraction occupies a special place in my work.