Valerievna Hodyacheva

born in 1981

Biography and information

Hodyacheva Natalia Valerievna.
Artist, photographer, decorator.
Born in 1981, in Leningrad.
She studied art in the art school "Alexandrino". Passed the course of the program "Acquisition".
She graduated from art school to them. N.K. Roerich, faculty of graphics (diploma).
She worked as a decorative artist in the Opera and Ballet Theater. MP Mussorgsky, the Theater of Young Spectators named after A. Bryantsev, the State Youth Theater on the Fontanka and in other theaters of St. Petersburg. Performed work for the film “Pirates of Edelweiss” by Niko von Glazov.
Author of decorative paintings and art objects. She participated in a number of architectural projects as a decorator. She conducted a number of master classes on decorative painting in the school of decor "Ultramarine" (guest teacher).
Member of the creative association "Old Town".
Representative of the Petersburg School of Fantastic Realism.
Permanent member of the "International Association of Artists descendants of noble families".
Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

"Works by Natalia V. Khodyachevoy are refined, almost monochrome
compositions, mirages of old letters and photographs that have become dull with time,
shyly and bitterly revealing their forgotten secrets to a sensitive eye. "

Mikhail GERMAN

Professor, Doctor of Art,
Member of the International Association
art critics (AICA) at UNESCO
and the International Council of Museums (ICOM)