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Nathaniel Zielhel
Germany 1843−1907
Biography and information

He studied at the Berlin Academy of arts, where his principal mentor was Julius Schrader. At nineteen wrote the film "Philip the Magnanimous on the grave of his wife" and "Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams". After spending two years in Rome, he painted there paintings of "Philip II arrests don Carlos" and "Farewell of Mary Stuart with Melville", and then within a year worked in Paris. By visiting different cities of Germany with the aim of studying of the portraiture, Sichel settled in Paris, later in Berlin. Encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron called the best works of Sihala "Francesca da Rimini" (1876) and "Cardinal guise, in Rome, before he received the head of Admiral Coligny," noting they "nice color, good figure and the ability to dramatize complex compositions" - but today is more famous portraits of women Sihala in the Oriental style.

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