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The Diaries of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Painting, 2019, 230×580 cm

Description of the artwork «The Diaries of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse»

Canvas, oil. I present to you my picture "Diaries of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse."
The Diaries of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a chronicle of the evolution of the mind - an experience of cognizing reality - true knowledge that made it possible to rethink the evolutionary historical process.
The latest entries in the Diaries draw a line in the history of mankind, full of cruelty, calamity and grief, and begin a new history of the path of enlightenment.
The idea embodied in this work is the result of a search for answers to the main questions.
The appearance of this picture was preceded by a huge graphic series, united by the theme of the meaning of life, knowledge of the fundamental principles of being and evolutionary development.
Work on this series has been going on for many years, thus incorporating ideas that sometimes appear spontaneously into compositional solutions for their further development and implementation in large multi-figure compositions.
The process of comprehending my ideas for expressing them in the form of graphic or pictorial works has gone far beyond the scope of fine art and has become a philosophical method of studying reality, the key to its awareness, understanding and transformation.
So, this is an allegorical picture showing the moment of a radical change in the existence of mankind - in its evolutionary historical process - the onset of the Apocalypse.
This allegory is a direct reflection of a possible, necessary and inevitable solution to the real problems of human society, with which it was not able to cope throughout its well-known history.
This work contains the idea of transforming humanity and its further evolutionary development.
It is obvious that in the picture there are no signs of tragic events that, according to the established ones, due to authoritative sources of information, stereotypes, should be depicted there.
This is because I, like any sane person, understand that the existing civilization, its history and meaning are based on the principle of consumption (use), which is a key factor for its own degradation and self-destruction. Therefore, there is no sense in arranging the Apocalypse with the goal of destroying what is already being destroyed, which means that emergency intervention in the course of events for radical changes in the evolutionary historical process on planet Earth can only be for the purpose of saving humanity.
The world, despite the powerful technological progress and overproduction in all sectors of the world economy, continues to be plunged, like throughout its history, into wars, hunger, poverty, ignorance, corruption and other troubles that cannot be overcome. No elementary problems of life support, or problems of relationships between people, have been resolved throughout the history of mankind, continue to be unresolved, and will never be resolved if the principle of consumption remains the main principle of civilization (its concept).
You are called consumers, you are users, and the world is a global market. And in this world they live for the sake of material consumption and use of everything, everyone and everything.
Nothing threatens such a system, with the exception of itself. The symbol of this system - a snake devouring its tail - is a closed, constantly narrowing circle.
Most people are accustomed to believing that the Apocalypse is the end of the world, the absolute evil that will come and destroy this noble world.
Is the world created by humanity so beautiful? Does humanity follow the path of evolutionary progress? The history of mankind is the history of wars, isn't it?
The whole known history of mankind is covered in the blood of aggressive wars and coups, littered with the bodies of the dead from hunger and poverty, saturated with smoke from the fires of the Inquisition and concentration camps, chained with chains of slavery and covered with the darkness of ignorance. And to this day, as has been said, despite the rapid development of various technologies designed to solve the basic problems of life support, and despite overproduction, people die of hunger, live in poverty, die in senseless wars, and at best spend their whole lives to purchase the necessary means of livelihood. And there are no optimistic prospects for the future.
Is it a beautiful world? Do you want to live in such a world? So what rules this world, if not evil?
Many will argue that throughout history many beautiful works of art, poetry and music were created, architectural masterpieces were built and many scientific discoveries were made, including those embodied in grandiose engineering structures, technological devices, with which one could solve the routine problems of everything humanity - to solve all the problems of life support, and finally engage in intellectual and spiritual development. However, one must understand that all the masterpieces of art and scientific discoveries were made not by humanity, but by units of geniuses whose fruits
humanity, under the guidance of those who manage it, eagerly exploits, mainly for the purpose of material gain, and the geniuses themselves either destroy or create conditions for them in which it is impossible to realize their creative potential. This is the principle: a good genius is a dead genius.

In this society, material wealth determines everything. Who pays, he orders the music. But this can not be called music - it is the roar of a monster in agony.
Mankind has created such a system of its existence, which cannot be worse.
Humanity is degrading - this is an indisputable fact. And this should be the reason, finding which, you can change the vector of evolution of mankind. To do this, you need to answer a simple question: What unites the entire universe in space and time? The answer to this question will become the key to understanding all processes in the universe, including in human society, because what unites the whole universe is that without which no existence is possible - these are fundamental principles of being - and these are principles of causal investigative ties. First a cause, then a consequence - this is how evolutionary development happens, because otherwise it is impossible in nature. If we consider the manifestation of the fundamental principles of being in human society, then the reason is contact - the process of cognition. The result of this process is the knowledge that can be used, that is, the result of knowledge is the use of knowledge. Thus we get the fundamental principles of being, expressed in human society as: cognition and use. No one
of these principles cannot be not manifested, however, one of them can be manifested in priority to one degree or another.
The system created by mankind has the priority of the principle of use - consumption, therefore this world is called the world market.
If the principle of knowledge is transferred to the priority of human society, then the world will become a world university.
The existing system is inverse with respect to the evolutionary development of the universe, and therefore is the cause of human degradation.
The main process in the universe is evolution, in particular the evolution of the mind, the reservoir of which on the earth is the human brain. And this civilization, as mentioned above, sets as its goal maximum material consumption, and not spiritual and intellectual development, thus hindering evolutionary progress.
Mankind can save only the awareness of the meaning of being, which consists in endless evolution, and the realization that everyone and everyone is a participant in this process, and as a person has the freedom to choose: to follow the path of evolutionary development or the path of evolutionary degradation. This choice helps to make an understanding of the meaning of spiritual development and, in general, an understanding of what spirit is.
The Universe consists of matter and spirit, which structures this matter. The evolution of the spirit is manifested through the transformation of matter. Spirit is a meaning, a concept, is an idea that is the cause of the formation and transformation of matter. Matter cannot exist without any structure. Matter is inseparable from the spirit. The spirit has an infinite number of constantly evolving variations that can be observed due to the possibilities of human perception in the manifested state in the form of material phenomena or understood at the level of intangible ideas,
which come into contact with the human mind, manifest in it. In the Universe, nothing disappears, but only changes - it is restructured. Therefore, the spirit also cannot disappear or die. It can only improve or degrade. After the end of his temporary materialized existence in one way or another, he serves as a concept - an idea for a new material embodiment. This is the evolution of everything, including biological species. Therefore, the mission of each person, as a bearer of the mind, to contribute to the spiritual development of mankind, which is simultaneously evolutionary development - the true meaning of life. It is impossible to fix the spirit with any sensory organs or instruments, it can only be understood, because, as was said above, spirit is a meaning, an idea, a concept, an intangible force that structures matter. And the very ability of knowledge and understanding, that is, reason, as well as the ability to create, is also Spirit.
To cultivate spiritually means to improve the ability to think, feel and create.
On the planet Earth, at some point in the unknown history of mankind, many thousands of years ago, as a result of some terrible event, violence was carried out over the evolution of the mind, which, strictly speaking, is the Apocalypse, in its traditional interpretation having a destructive character - this was how the harmony was broken understanding of the sequence of causal relationships, as a result of which they exchanged places and clashed in the struggle for a priority position in the evolution of mankind two fundamental principles of being (1 cognition, 2 use zovanie). Thus began the war of Meanings. This was a sudden interference in the course of evolution and history, which led to radical changes in human society, namely, the desire to move along the path of reckless material consumption and exploitation.
Scientists of paleontologists and neurobiologists provide irrefutable facts that the ancestors of a modern person who lived about 100,000 years ago have a much larger brain mass, namely an average of 1,500 grams, while a modern person has an average brain volume of 1,320. Although the brain mass is far from the only factor determining mental abilities,
Nevertheless, the above figures indicate a clear degradation of intelligence over the past several tens of thousands of years.
And the state of modern society confirms this. Almost complete lack of culture and ignorance, immorality and obscurantism are the indisputable characteristics of modern society.
What is only one “modern art” worth, the meaning of which, like the whole pop culture, is the destruction of the human ability to feel and think.
Can at least something harm this society, except for the system, the manifestation of which it is? Nothing can. Only the system itself, as an instrument and the meaning of self-destruction, devours itself, condemning those who serve it in one way or another to degradation and moral death, and after millennia this is already expressed in biological degradation at the level of the homo sapiens species. And this process continues, accelerating, thanks to technological progress, in particular in the field of electronics, computerization and the development of means of mass communications, crowding out the need to use human life
with your brain. And as you know, underutilized organs with time pass into the category of vestigial, losing their former properties.
Research in neurobiology shows that each human brain is unique due to individual structural differences in its structure. That is, the areas of the neocortex of the brain, the so-called fields
and subfields that are responsible for certain functions, different people may have a larger or smaller volume, and sometimes one subfield may be present in one person and absent in another. This indicates a huge variability of methods.
thinking, thanks to which mankind could carry out various grandiose accomplishments, if in time to provide conditions for the development of the owner of a brain that is unique and contains the potential for brilliant achievements. But unfortunately, as already mentioned, the existing system is not interested in growing geniuses, it needs consumers. And the stupider these consumers are, the better it is for the system, because they are easier to manage.
Therefore, gifted people are often not able to obtain the necessary education and conditions for the realization of their creative potential, in view of the lack of material means, they are forced to spend their lives fighting for survival.
The degradation of humanity lasts for many millennia. And only a new Apocalypse can stop it.
As mentioned above, the Apocalypse is an emergency intervention in the course of events, leading to radical changes. If, millennia ago, some terrible event, like an emergency intervention in the course of human history led to the fact that humanity, which was following the path of evolutionary development, suddenly took the path of evolutionary degradation, then a new emergency intervention - a new Apocalypse, which will radically change the vector of development of events, will lead to the fact that humanity will wake up and again embark on the true path and continue its evolutionary development, building social relations, having the first priority
the fundamental principle of being is cognition, and use (the second principle), as it should be, will take its second place.
The Apocalypse is a moment of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment - understanding the true mission of mankind, as the embodiment of the mind on earth with the goal of cognition and understanding of the infinite Universe. And since the object of cognition is infinite, the process of cognition will also be infinite, and the evolution of the cognitive tool, which is the human brain, is also infinite.
My picture personifies the moment of transition to the priority of human understanding of the world and the existence of the first fundamental principle of being - knowledge.
In the image of a girl in an abundance of gold jewelry - the feminine, - the second fundamental principle of being - the use on which the old consumer world was based - is reluctantly inferior, not rightfully occupied for millennia, to the masculine beginning - a young man in a white cloak, accompanied by the god Hermes, holding a rod in his hand Caduceus, symbolizing the development of spirit and matter in the universe. Thus, harmony is restored in the evolutionary-historical process of mankind, which returns to the true path of its development.
Among the other participants in the scene are people whose efforts brought the Apocalypse closer — they are philosophers — warriors in the war of meanings — horsemen of the Apocalypse who discover the true meaning of being.
The attributes of the riders in my picture are interpreted according to the meaning of the Apocalypse, which is not the end of the world, but its beginning - the beginning of the path of enlightenment. One of the heroes lifts a huge bowl of old scales, which symbolize one of the methods of cognition, because everything is known in comparison, similar to how they compare the weight on a cup scale. In the hands of another of the riders, the sword is also a symbol of knowledge. This is a warrior in an invisible war of meanings, breaking the shackles of ignorance, dissecting with the glittering sword the pitch darkness of the unknown, through which he paves the way of light - the path of knowledge. Behind the back of the third rider is a quiver with arrows and a bow in his hand, and this is also a symbol of knowledge. Dreams and fantasies often lead to real actions, thanks to which they are realized, as a fired arrow hits a distant target.
The fourth horseman is a reaper sharpening a scythe, which also symbolizes the way of cognition - collecting information, systematizing knowledge for their processing and further use.
The women in the picture are muses who give inspiration and listen to the enlightened mind of those whom they inspire to accomplish a great transformation.
The spiral on the banners of the Apocalypse is a symbol of universal evolutionary development - an endless path of knowledge and understanding, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment and the pursuit of perfection.
Books and parchments are the Diaries of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in which the experience of cognition of reality is collected, thanks to which it became possible to rethink the existence of all mankind and the beginning of a new era - the era of enlightenment.
The world will no longer be a global market, but will become a global university, according to the universal prioritization of the fundamental principles of being: cognition is in the first place, use is in the second place.
Thanks to this arrangement of priorities, all problems of life support will be solved in the shortest possible time, abundance and prosperity will come for the endless evolution of the mind.

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Art form: Painting

Date of creation: 2019

Size: 230×580 cm

Location: Gennady Ulybin

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