France • 1823−1891

Biography and information

Studied at the School of arts and crafts in Chalon. Lost in 1840 father was forced to go to work to support his mother and sisters. Married early. In 1845 arrived in Paris, changed there are many lessons. Worked in a workshop of Auguste both gleizé and learned from him. For three years enlisted to work in Algeria. Seriously started painting in the late 1850-ies. Made friends with Fantin-Latura, Francois Bonvenon. Wrote in the evening and at night with candles, and at earning a living for the family. First exhibited his work at the Paris Salon in 1861, and later was repeatedly awarded with the medals of the Salon. In 1878 he received the Legion of Honor. After that he moved to the town of Colombes, a lot of hurt and painting already did.