Vladimirovna Krinickaya

Russia • Sverdlovskaya Oblast' • 1926−1987
Born May 10, 1926 in Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg. Studied at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the USSR Academy of Arts (former All-Russian Academy of Arts) at the sculpture department of the famous sculptor V.V.Lishev from the pre-revolutionary times. Diploma work - "Monument to Bazhov", grade - excellent. Upon graduation was awarded the qualification of artist-sculptor. Member of the Union of Artists. In 1950-1980 she lived in Sverdlovsk and worked in the Sverdlovsk regional organization of the Union of Artists of Russia. She also lived and worked in Yalta. Author of portraits of P.P.Bazhov, sailor P.D.Khokhryakov, Komsomol member of VIZ of the twenties Peter Tipikin, young workers ("Craftsman", 1957, marble) and engineers. On the facade of the Sverdlovsk library named after V.G.Belinsky is an expressive portrait of A.M.Gorky (1960, cast iron). Author of the monument "Unity of front and rear" (1968) in Pervouralsk. Very bright personality, a great storyteller, honest and uncompromising person. Because of its direct honest temper with many spoiled relations. In the seventies, she - rich, talented and witty - because of deteriorating health had to move to the Crimea, but there was no work, had to sculpt only for themselves, and when with great difficulty returned to Sverdlovsk, it turned out that the talented sculptor Valentina Vladimirovna Krinitskaya many (deliberately) "forgot". We had to start a lot of things over again. There were a lot of original ideas, the skill has not gone anywhere, but the heart ached and there was almost no strength. She was not in 1987. And it is a pity that few works were preserved, and her stories about life and work, artists, politicians and various other people - famous and not famous - no one, most likely, on a tape recorder or somehow else has not recorded. V.Egorov ( Grivsky )
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