born in 1959 • artist

Biography and information

The author began his career more than 40 years ago. His first work was the autumn landscape. The picture of the golden forest "Autumn", painted by a young artist at the age of 14, is still one of the most beloved and significant ones.

A special place in the work of VG Varennikov takes the work "Apotheosis of St. Ursula", the same name copy of the paintings of the Italian artist Vittore Carpaccio, master of the Venetian Early Renaissance. The picture was painted for a long nineteen years.

“Step to the right is defense, step to the left is attack. What are we waiting for while we grow up?” - The author's symbolic commentary on the work "Girl and Tigers". A baby with a bouquet of flowers, depicted on the canvas, protects the little cub, while the restless tigress is ready to break off anyone who encroaches on her child.

In his work "Girlfriends" V.G. Varennikov sings two female images, one of which is well recognizable and is the hallmark of the Tretyakov Gallery. The second image is the artist's mother in her youth.

Subsequently, Vitaly Grigorievich will write a separate portrait of Nina Nikitichna Gubanova’s mother, who became for him the personification of the image of Russia with its vast expanses, beauty and firmness of character.

Among the significant portraits of the author is also worth highlighting the work "Tina Kandelaki" and "Walk through the old Moscow."

Today, biblical motifs are a bright direction in the artist's work. In the work "Kiev-Pechersk Lavra" the author conveys the divine beauty of the creation of human hands and the beauty of nature itself: "Beauty is eternal, despite human differences."

The second work of the series - "Bethlehem Star". The basis of the artist's worldview is his belief in the existence of a higher mind, and the Bethlehem star is one of his symbols. The plot is based on one of the miracles performed by Christ (walking on water). The artist has depicted those who truly work wonders. From the flying saucer a beam is directed to the water that changes the property of water, which allows Jesus to go along it. The eyes of pupils are riveted on the teacher. He appeals to them: "Believe and follow me."

The third work is "The Abduction of Christ." As conceived by the artist, Jesus Christ was a messenger of an alien civilization. He did their will and with their help worked wonders. He was crucified for his teaching. After removal from the cross, he was transferred to a cave and buried there. Representatives of higher intelligence came to him. The picture shows the process of transforming the body of Christ into an energy entity, which they took with them.

The self-portrait, where the artist depicts himself with John Depp, is a subtle blend of humor, childish dream, romance and faith in the good.