G. Kovalenko

Lithuania • Varena • born in 1962 • artist, collector
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Born in 1962 in s. Stebnoe Cherkasy region. Zvenigorod district
In 1978 he graduated from the eight-year school and entered the 9th grade at the Stebnyanskaya evening secondary school while simultaneously studying at the Zvenigorod art studio and part-time Moscow
National University of Arts.
In 1984 he took part in the exhibition of amateurs in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of Ukraine of the Cherkasy Branch. And then, in the same hall in 1985 in the young professional exhibition
And in 1985 in the halls of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, an all-Ukrainian exhibition of young artists.
From 1985, he worked as a graphic designer and monumentalist in the town of Zvenigorodka, periodically taking part in various regional exhibitions.
In 1989 he entered the art school to them. Samokisha.
Having successfully completed it, I received a recommendation for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
In 1994 Entered NAOMA and in 2000 graduated from the workshop of easel painting workshop of Professor V. Gurin.
In 2000 Enrolled in graduate school - astistenture in NAOMA.
During his studies, he participated in numerous national exhibitions. created personal exhibitions.
In 2003 graduated from the Academy
Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2005.
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