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Zayndi Zainalbekovich Alaskhanov was born on April 25, 1949. He became involved in wrestling in 1966 with coach Degi Bagaev. Hard training led to positive results. In 1969, Alaskhanov became a master of sports of the USSR, then training in Moscow under the leadership of Sergei Andreevich Preobrazhensky. Zayndi is the first among Chechens prize-winner of the USSR freestyle wrestling championship. Since 1982, Alaskhanov began working as a trainer for the Moscow District of the Air Defense. Since 1993, Alaskhanov Honored Coach of Russia, Colonel of the reserve. The lack of professional art education in the field of artistic culture did not prevent the growth of interest in painting Zayndi Zainalbekovich Alaskhanov. Each canvas - a fragment of the history of his life and the life of the people. The exhibition presents 58 works of different genres.

The list of sports awards testifies to the great achievements of Alaskhanov Zayndi Zainalbekovich:

1977 European Cup. Poland.
Bronze medalist of the USSR Championship 1972, Minsk.
4-fold winner of international tournaments (1974-1978).
Silver medalist of the Friendly Armies Championship 1973 Bucharest-Romania.
Silver medalist of the Olympics of the Friendly Armies of the Warsaw Pact countries of 1977 Ulan - Bator; Mongolia.
Silver medalist of the 1971 Tbilisi International Tournament.
3-time champion of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1976, 1977; Riga, Chisinau.
Multiple champion. Moscow (1969-1980)
2-time winner of the Games. Moscow.
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