Efimovich Slavinsky

born in 1968
The Petersburg artist, owner of the SLAVINSKY PROJECT gallery - Ivan Slavinsky, according to critics, is considered one of the most expensive contemporary Russian artists. In this review there is a story about how its formation took place, the search for his own handwriting in painting and, of course, pictures of this remarkable master.
Ivan Slavinsky was born in 1968 in Leningrad. His father, the battle painter Dmitry Obozhenko, inherited his son’s artistic gift from the painter. At the age of 5, the boy already knew pencil and colors well. The first skills in the visual arts Ivan received at the art school at the Academy of Fine Arts. The father was very critical of the first works of his son. But soon he began to trust Ivan to prescribe small details on the edges of his canvases. And later I realized that my son is very talented, and he himself can create.
In the period of formation of the young artist, he was referred either to realists, then to postmodernists, or to surrealists: looking at the early works of Slavinsky, it was very difficult to say that this was the hand of the same master. And only years later, having brought together all these styles and techniques of art on canvas, he created his own style, his own unique unique handwriting.
At his first exhibition in 1991, arranged in the gallery of the Association of Free Artists, Ivan was recognized by both viewers and art critics. The owner of a unique pictorial talent immediately became known and recognizable in the city on the Neva, and later in Moscow itself.
Once, having traveled with my wife on a 4-day tourist visa to France for the New Year holidays, I stayed there for ten years, of which I lived for almost 2 years with an expired visa. The first time he and his wife were staying with a friend in a tiny room overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Then they lived on an unfinished construction site, sleeping on plank beds made of boards.

While still living abroad, in 1997 he received membership in the Union of Artists of Russia. And on his return to his homeland in 2002, he settled in St. Petersburg. In 2007, he opened an art gallery under his own name, over time which was renamed “SLAVINSKY ART”. And in 2016, a new gallery of the painter, SLAVINSKY PROJECT, was opened in St. Petersburg.
The genre of fantastic realism, based on metamorphoses, symbols, parables, on complex compositions, and on the use of a rich palette of colors, is reflected in classical still lifes, and in urban landscapes, and in impressionist portraits of the artist.
Ivan Slavinsky must pay tribute - not many artists manage to find a niche in modern art, to acquire their own handwriting and unique charm. And with all this, even during his lifetime to sell his work on the art market for decent money.
Source: https://kulturologia.ru/blogs/210617/34988/?fbclid=IwAR0QkAu5fdA6i9JuF3pQG62iFvcfftD4Age0mnkt7NBJyjkAQi6g6Iry3c0.




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