Vladimirovich Kirakosyan

Georgia • Tbilisi • born in 1960 • artist
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When you look into the paintings of Ashot Kirakosyan, the first thing that comes to mind is a meditating artist in front of us, whose landscapes are incomplete, whose images and characters are incomplete, and the rhythmic basis of the compositions is built in variations of a certain poetic state, so sacred and so refined and refined. it is difficult to immediately give an objective assessment of his work. The viewer needs to spend more than one hour alone with the artist's paintings, immerse himself in the mood and condition of these paintings, the minimalist graphic series of which sets up contemplation, philosophical reflections and a departure from reality ...
Ashot was born in Tbilisi in the family of a jeweler. He had the opportunity to often see the creations of his father, to peer into the complex and, as it seemed to him, the mysterious ligature of the ornaments of ornaments created by his father. Every morning the courtyard of his home shrouded the mist, then he disappeared slowly, slowly, discovering the earth, trees, the whole world, and even then the little artist realized that he wanted to draw all this ... Father and mother supported his son in his desire to become an artist.
Ashot goes to Moscow, goes to the Surikov Institute, where he studied for 6 years in the painting workshop of T. Salahov. In the years of his formation as an artist, he learns about the color of Van Gogh’s pulsating painting, the directness of perception from Chontwari, the ability to detach yourself to contemplate from Morandi, surrealism from Bunuel, organically including all this in his own style. After graduation, he lives and works in Moscow, joins the Moscow Union of Artists. In subsequent years, the artist works in his studio in Tbilisi, then in Yerevan. Ashot travels a lot, writes from life. Life things are a separate special section of his work. It is in field sketches and sketches he finds his complex, full of philosophical meanings and romantic moods, images.
From picture to picture, the artist moves in an infinitely varying space of mountains and trees, the watery surface and, rarely, a person (often faceless, but painfully familiar, as if from a dream). All this is woven into a single metaphysical landscape of thought. This landscape is full of thrill and sharp eyes, it pulsates and lives a separate life, not only outside the fate of the artist himself, but also outside his paintings.
The works of different years are united by the general concept of the so-called “foggy period”, which is an important component of Ashot Kirakosyan’s work. The artist invariably returns to it after a long search for himself in time, space and stylistic approaches ... And the main theme, as always, is "Portraits of Trees".
The tree is not part of the landscape, not a beautiful decorative element of the picture and not a botanical category at all ... The tree is an object of observation, reflection and study, the artist’s desire to identify with him, to feel the breath, vibration, plastics and essence, even to humanize him, to comprehend the essence of the tree, its metaphysics, its mentality ... The seemingly simple, absolutely clear, plot of the picture appears as a search for the author's own "I", as the key to the clue to his dreams ...
The picturesque style of Ashot can be conventionally described as romantic minimalism in the figurative direction of modern realistic art.
The best, significant works of the artist are characterized not only by creative maturity, but also by the power of sensory revelation, without which, according to Ashot, there is neither real nor art ...

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