Alexandrovich Etoev-Orgish

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1984 • artist
Born in the city of Leningrad in 1984 in an intelligent creative family. Mother artist and art historian, father writer. Since childhood, engaged in drawing under the guidance of the mother. However, for various reasons, I went to school as usual, and not to art. After he entered the art-restoration lyceum (now SPb GBPOU Restoration and Art College) at the restorer alfreynoy painting. It was in this school that my formation began as an artist.
After graduation, he got a job in the State Hermitage as a scaffold in the legendary Bogdanova Olga Nikolaevna brigade. At one time, Shemyakin and some other representatives of the St. Petersburg creative underground worked in this brigade. For a long time I was engaged in any nonsense (I played in groups, tusil around clubs, booze and had fun in every possible way), and I drew for myself, as they say, “on the table”. However, many talented guys worked with me in the brigade, in particular, Sergey Belykh, the collageing artist, who is now gaining popularity. He had a very positive influence on me, with him I exhibited my works for the first time. First, in some gallery on the Obvodny channel (I don’t remember the name and exact date), and then in a bar on Pushkinskaya 10.
These, in a certain way, success (and not only they) gave impetus to obtaining further education and the development of artistic skills. And finally, picking myself up after ten years of trash and intoxication, I entered Repu (Repin Institute in the building of the Petersburg Academy of Arts). True to the art historian. But at the same time I attended workshops, actively engaged in drawing and painting, in every possible way honed my skills and was in search of the original style and favorite technique (and I still seem to be). In addition to all this, working in the Hermitage (already as a laboratory assistant in the science department of Western European art), I became close friends with Ilya Nikolayevich Andretsov, a professional painter, a member of the Artists Union and the son of the famous Soviet of the artist Nikolai Ilyich Andretsov. I began to learn painting professionally from him, constantly consulting and practicing under his strict guidance, which I still do.
In 2015, I married my beloved Darya Orgish, also an artist and museologist, and we combined our surnames into the original and mysterious Etoevy-Orgish. Since then, everything went uphill. In 2017, we joined the initiative group of young creators who created the KZgallery virtual exhibition space, where we organized our joint exhibition in the spring of 2018. Currently I am actively working, both as an artist and as an art historian. Creative baggage is growing, as are skills. So in the near foreseeable future there are plans to take part in several events and, possibly, to organize a large solo exhibition.

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